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Spanish men and their Spanish temper...

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I know that's an old discussion and full of stereotypes - but I just have to share my experiences!
I've been in Madrid recently (only for one week to search a room for my upcoming internship) and therefore came across the Spanish guys.
I already heard some stories of Spanish being very "open" towards people (especially girls), but I didn't think there were THAT open! When you're walking down the street some of them yell at you, and in clubs it's even worse! In some cases it's hard to get rid of them!
Of course, you can find that kind of guys in Germany too, but not in that extent!
I think their behavior is just part of the Spanish mentality.
What experience did you make as a girl here in Spain? (boys are also welcome to give their opinion...especially Spanish ones ;-))

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    Spanish men and their Spanish temper

    posted by  Ana Chandler in Spain forum 

    Yes, I totally agree with you!! They´re so direct, when they want to stare they´ll just go ahead even if they´re with their poor wives or girlfriends. You´re in Madrid, you´ve got it easy!! When you come to Andalucia their directness just joke.

    My very feminist British "no nonsense" sister once called the police!! That taught those machos a lesson! But when the police arrived they said it was the custom to pay compliments to the ladies and that the "creep" was just trying to be friendly...CAN YOU BELIEVE TI?

    But in general they are nice and chivalrous and very very good looking. Fancy coming to Granada to check out the scene one day?

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  • spanish men

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    Hee Tina, did you make some bad experience with those guys? :D
    But I have to (partly) agree, lots of Spanish guys just look the same, all very "macho-like".
    But there are also lots of cute ones (if you're lucky to see them anywhere :D)

  • Spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    Tina, I really don't wanna know which places you've been to, that you say that xD There ARE good looking Spanish guys (may sound a little self-opinionated now) only have to open your mind for them ;))

  • Spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    I think it also depends on the kind of attitude you have towards the men of a certain country. If you're going to Spain and are already thinking like: "In Spain there are only machos anyway", you will only see this type in every man, doesn't matter if he is one or not. So maybe we should follow the advice of Gonzalo and "open our minds" ;)

  • Spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    Thanks, Julia ;)
    Really funny to hear how different the opinions about Spanish men are.
    Any other statements? (only good ones hopefully) ;)

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