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permanent ban because of hepatitis b (2)

  • Saffron Interactive


    posted by  Saffron Interactive in  Dubai forum 04 Nov 2010, 10:48

    Medical - Hepa B & C are not part of the test IF you have already had your medical exam in UAE last year for your previous year visa...I think.

  • permanent ba

    posted by Deleted user in  Dubai forum 05 Nov 2010, 01:47

    than you Saffron,

    yes it is confirmed that UAE will limit only to 6 categories of job for hepatitis b testing , i am actually worry on how i could request the immigration to clear my ban my big problem but hopefully they will reconsider.

  • Saffron Interactive


    posted by  Saffron Interactive in  Dubai forum 05 Nov 2010, 14:07

    They wont reconsider....If you have a ban cause of Hep C then there is no way your going to enter through the airports.

  • ban

    posted by Deleted user in  Dubai forum 06 Nov 2010, 02:57

    Hi Saffron,

    I got that yes hepa c, HIV and Tuberculosis are subject for deportation but with hepa b they only check it with specific cat. of jobs. in my case it is hepa. b, so i am hoping there will be exception of reviewing those who were ban.

  • Permanent ban because of hepatitis B

    posted by Deleted user in  Dubai forum 23 Nov 2010, 14:07

    Hi Denise,
    I am sailing in the same boat as you my friend.I was offered a job in Dubai as Project manager for a construction company in Dubai in 2009 and when i went for my medical i was found to be suffering with Hepatitis B hence my visa was denied ,i was asked tp go back to India in 15days (whic i did) and worst i was put in the "BLACKLIST" with permanent banned from entering in Dubai or UAE.
    I can confirm that they are checking for hepatitis B if one falls in the specified 6 categories,but regading the removal of ban for people like you and my -i have no clue.I have been tring to contact UAE consulate in India for the infoprmation but unfortunately they are of no help -all they say is you have to try in Dubai but not understanding that i need a visa to go to Dubai and i cannot get that till my name is off the "BLACKLIST".
    My friend if you have any information please do let me know.
    God bless you

  • Ban issue due to hepatitis b

    posted by Deleted user in  Dubai forum 24 Nov 2010, 06:01

    HI Rambo Deep,

    About the ban from what i been hearing and i also called the clinic where my friend had her failed medical in Al Muhaisnah Clinic the person i spoke in the clinic there said the ban can be cancelled the only thing the person need to do is to bring the unfit med.certificate and the passport copy of the person and then the clinic will make a letter requesting the immigration to remove the ban or unblock the person's name.If you know which clinic ur friend had her/his medical try to call the clinic so you can confirm what needs to be done to remove the ban.I think the consulate in your country can't give you advise on that the best way is to call the clinic where ur friend had his/her medical they can surely advise you what to do.the same way i did they direct me to the person in the clinic and advise me what to be done.try it!

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    Would they allow Hepa B carrier as an software engineer to bahrain....?

    posted by  ram currys in  Dubai forum 28 Jan 2011, 17:22

    Hi all...i am from india...what are the medical tests would they do in bahrain? would they do hepa b as well for software engineers(Bcz they mentioned in the website only for certain catogiries)...plz help me i got an offer in bahrain....thanks inadvance....

  • raja kumar

    HEP B

    posted by  raja kumar in  Dubai forum 07 Feb 2011, 15:29

    Just check the below link which is self explanatory. As per the oct 2010 law, Hep B positive will be considered for the treatment without deportion.
    The post by Mr.Ram saying that he was deported, before the oct 2010 law.
    Best of luck

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    permanent ban because of hepatitis b

    posted by  Syed Nazar in  Dubai forum 10 Feb 2011, 10:50

    Hi Denise,

    Your information is really made me so much relaxed. B'coz I am struggling to find a way to get the visa after amendments published on newspaper on 20th Aug '10. Did your friend has came back to UAE? Is her visa has been issued? Please update.

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    Hepatitis B Carrier

    posted by  zxy axis in  Dubai forum 16 Feb 2011, 07:57

    dear can anybody tell me according to new rules by ministry of health Hepa B carrier will be tested for only six categories.
    is this new policy have been implemented and for other categories like engineering they are accepting candidates with HEPA B carrier.
    plz update if there are any new cases.

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