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Bahrain, Uzbekistan


  • Ali Mah
     Ali Mah

    Hi to All,
    I'm thinking about Bahrain,maybe soon I'll move there, but now I'm living in Uzbekistan and UAE.
    Who can advice me anything about Bahrain.
    Also for business man, I put information on forum, also if someone interested to UAE.

  • Ali Mah
     Ali Mah

    Salam Alleykum/ Good Day!!!
    The Best/HOT DEAL.
    Properties direct from OWNER. We have 9 projects (its part of our properties) which we would like to sell.
    All of them in Uzbekistan. If you never hear about Uzbekistan; Uzbekistan is the rich of natural, with the such a beautiful weather, nice people etc. This country just growing up, country with the cheapest prices for properties in the Asia and cheaper than all countries from former Soviet Union, world economy crisis never hit Uzbekistan, cause economy in Uzbekistan different. At this time prices for apartments and houses going down but commercial building growing up. You can check by history news or ask for people who lives here or working here.
    We have some projects for sale. All of them with the good income and with the good area, some of them from 2 to 100 hectares, it’s millions feet.
    We have hotel, 4 Business buildings, brick-works with rail station, area for deep-mining not metallic. Prices from 3 millions USD. It maybe not so cheap, But in our region you can’t find like this prices.
    I’m not agent, you don’t have to pay any commission to anybody. You can pay cash or transfer to our bank accounts in UAE, this will easy and cheapest to you.
    All project located in Tashkent capital of Uzbekistan.
    For Agents; If you are agent you are also welcome, we don’t have any commission % but we will pay.

    If you are interested please, feel free to contact.
    For more details;
    +971556805323 (Dubai) or [...]