Husa Hitch

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Husa Hitch
 Husa Hitch
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i'm a simple man relatively mature. its just from once and while i adore to spend some time alone , maybe luck my self in a room and enjoy reading or take an ipod and enjoy the beach under the moonlight , some people call it loneliness , i call it mediation and recovery ... i enjoy shopping , cars , and perfume ... also i adore being out side at night especially when the weather is great in Jidda ... i like also to try new things just to see the limit of my brain and the beauty of my heart and most of the time search for an outlet to express the artist in me.
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Buraidah (Saudi Arabia)
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Φίλους, Σχέση
35 χρόνια
Greece, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah


Martial Arts, Swimming, Yoga, Art .my skype hitch198882
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men from mars and women from vines.
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