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    I have been on benzodiazepine treatment, including Xanax, but currently, because of UK price, on 10mg lorazepam and 8mg clonazepam daily. As for analgesia, I am on 80mg Oxycodone but have grown tolerant. I have had Lysanxia 40mg tablets from a Belgian pharmacy in the past, with prescription.
    In fact my current doctor is in Greece, I only use the NHS when returning to the UK every 3 months or so; I am unable to afford the price of Oxycodone in Europe.
    My doctor in Greece could write a letter or even a prescription; a lot of my meds like oxycodone and hydromorphone are not available there but EU legislation allows prescriptions written in any member state to be dispensed in any other. In reality it depends on the pharmacy, so a doctor's letter would be essential. I know that the medicines I require are available in Belgium. My pharmacy there, not far from Brugge, where I am a registered client, has them all on their price list, of which I have a copy.

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