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    Hi Alan,

    There's quite a demand for professional accountants in Canada.

    A federal government website, www.jobfutures.ca can give you a better idea of what the demand is for accountants and what sort of education you need.

    It maybe a bit more difficult to become an Accountant in Canada if your education is from another country. If you need more education and to find a course/program that can help you find a job, I would recommend checking out this website www.educationplanner.ca and www.schoolfinder.com. They will refer you to accredited schools that can help you obtain the professional accreditation you need to work as an accountant in Canada. Also, beware of SCAMS that tell you that they can get you a job right away. They tend to prey on immigrants who are desperate to find work. After, I suggest you contact an academic advisor at the school you're interested in, and they can help you out.

    Also, another excellent website that is excellent is www.welcomebc.ca. It is a website set up by the Provincial government of British Columbia to assist new comers to find jobs. I would recommend starting there to find information about working in Canada.

    Finding a job in Canada is not hard if you're motivated, and you have the proper supports. Also, in case you're wondering, the education sector in British Columbia is doing major recruitment right now. Visit www.makeafuture.ca to see job postings. It's not just teachers they're hiring for, but all the support staff, including accountants. Check it out and maybe you can find a job that fits your qualifications.

    I hope this helps.

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