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    it's not true. i think most croatian people didn't even hear about that conflict. :D
    some people can't stand tourists at all, because of some rude tourists. then they think that all tourists are like that.
    i don't like people, who are rude. i saw many italian (and french) tourists this summer. most of them were ok, some of them were really nice, but some of them were very rude.
    we were waiting in line and 10,15,20 tourists (most of them french and italian) were just going around the line to the first rows. (that was in a national park). it was really upsetting me!! we all payed for it and we all had to wait. yeah, some tourist really do behave like they own the whole place and that's why some poeple can't stand them.
    oh, and one thing about italian people- their english is really bad and they don't speak much foreign languages and they expect that everyone knows italian. i didn't met many italian people (about 10 maybe), but not one of them could speak english or german or any other languag than italian. that's a little irritating.
    oh, and one thing :D i hope i'm not being rude, i just write down my experiences.. many italian guys were behaving like they're irresistible sexy hot lovers :D but they aren't :D they were just funny or annoying..
    i hope i didn't offend you or your country. i just didn't had good experiences with italian people :/

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