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    You seem to have swallowed the Kool Aid propoganda that as an EU citizen you can do as you like in the EU. You cant. Unless you have German citizenship you can do precisely squat in Germany. You cannot even rent an apartment let alone buy one. Believe me, I tried repeatedly. Yjey wouldnt even allow me to rent a storage locker and screamed and shouted at me that I was an idiot to think I could do such a thing without a German passport.

    Do you speak fluent German? Without being able to do so you will never cope with the myriad tiers of beaurocracy...Germany is NOT a multi cultural country like Britain where things are in translation. In Germany everythng official is in German only and, again, I have numerous times had Germans rant at me (I dont exaggerate) "This is Germany, we speak German" (in German of course).

    Unless you have a German passport and speak good German, well forget it.

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