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Investors/ Accident & Health Axis Capital Group Hartford Jakarta Indonesia Kansa

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Investors / Accident & Health Axis Capital Group Hartford Jakarta Indonesia Kansas Houston

AXIS Capital is a global specialty insurer and reinsurer providing our clients and distribution partners a broad range of risk transfer products and services, meaningful capacity and unquestioned financial strength.

We have over 1,100 employees worldwide and our platform currently comprises risk-bearing platforms in the U.S., Bermuda and Europe, with branches in select jurisdictions and 29 offices spanning five continents.

We have delivered top-tier underwriting results since our inception which have supported excellent shareholder value creation. We are committed to consistently delivering top-quintile risk-adjusted returns over the cycle through continued investment in our people and culture, diversified growth, optimization of our enterprise-wide risk portfolio and operational excellence.

  • Raiza Sousa


    posted by  Raiza Sousa in Germany forum 

    When you have assets you need to protect and when you can afford it to avoid complaints in the future.

  • Shelby McCormic

    Good Idea

    posted by  Shelby McCormic in Germany forum 

    It is always a good idea to buy insurance early. The earlier you buy lower the premiums will be. And the best age to buy long term care insurance is at the age of 40 mathematically speaking. But the young and healthier you are means big savings when it comes to long term care insurance.

  • Mack Roddy


    posted by  Mack Roddy in Germany forum 

    When should you choose your health insurance and should apply for one? Before arrival in Jakarta Indonesia or after?

  • Meya Norberg

    Prices different

    posted by  Meya Norberg in Germany forum 

    The prices are different because the competing insurers all make their own calculations. Also price is only one factor for choosing the insurance. Some customers can't be bothered to change their insurer every year or miss the deadline. Others trust their more expensive insurer because they have experienced fast and adequate service there and this is what the company offers.

  • Go to Tina Bunger's profile

    Im switching to this Company

    posted by  Tina Bunger in Germany forum 

    This makes much more sense to me now! I’ll be ordering my contacts right now on my current health fund and cancel my policy. I like this company now, every reviews says positive things and minimal complaints.

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    posted by  Torbjorg Blindheim in Germany forum 

    As we are considering relocating more permanently to Jakarta Indonesia we found this post extremely helpful. Have also followed up the links like

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    Very Helpful :)

    posted by  Serafin Mariano in Germany forum 

    That's very helpful information you've all provided here. I've also been to Axis Capital Group, Bermuda and had a look around and it's certainly handy!

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    Not a bad option

    posted by  Achille Sarrazi in Germany forum 

    I have a current policy and thank goodness I haven't had to claim on it, but I have family and friends that I referred in this company.

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    Combined Insuance

    posted by  Lucie Desmet in Germany forum 

    Nothing happened bad I have been with Combined Insuance and have been very happy with them never had a problem and my agent is a good guy and always is ready to help. The people that complain probably never did what they were supposed to do when filing a claim.

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    posted by  Florencia Ruiz in Germany forum 

    I am sure that you will not experience the complaints that you dealt with, with your past insurance.

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