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New members - Introduce yourself!

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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members! What are you doing in Germany? What are you looking for in the community? And what are your ideas of how we can improve the Germany community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do. Good luck in Germany!

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    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 


    If you want to study in germany i can help you. I work in a german language school in Germany and we provides hole german universities.

    If you have some questions about germany you can ask me



  • Nicole Quinlan

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    I'm Nicole, I'm from the U.S. - Texas to be exact - and I've been living over here in Cologne, Germany for a month and a half now.

    I don't know too many people here, and I'm really looking forward to meeting some new friends, hanging out, and having a blast in Europe.

    I'm also doing the Au Pair thing, and really enjoying it. By the way, which part of Germany will you be living in, Holz?

  • Jesus Basail

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    I am an alumni from Metro State College of Denver. I live in Frankfurt, it is good to know of people from Colorado. I actually consider myself from there since I lived in Denver most for sooo long!

  • Sara Kraus

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    Hello to all the native Coloradans! I am from Denver, alumni of CU Boulder, and now living in Duesseldorf.
    Anybody in DDorf want to hang out? Let me know, we are open-minded.
    Yo hablo espanyol tambien, estoy buscando a amigos hispanohablantes tambien. Vivi en Bolivia y my madrina es cubana, llevo muchos anyos en la comunidad mundial latina.

  • holly kitts


    posted by  holly kitts in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hi everyone!

    Im Holz, from England and im moving to Germany in a few days to work as an au pair! I have only joined this community today and am hoping to make some friends on here as i dont know anyone living in Germany yet!


  • posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hallo Leute!

    My name is Wei Kee, and I come from Singapore. Currently in my fourth month of learning German, and am planning to go to Germany for semester-long exchange programme in a couple of years, hopefully!

    I must say this is such a great place for discussion on different countries and their cultures :)


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    Hey Chase, thanks. Greetings to you too.

  • Chase Ellison

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    Welcome Vinny! From a fellow native Coloradan.. Well now a Montanan.

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    Hi all. I am 23 and from Colorado and am on here hoping to meet new people and make some friends. I just got back from visiting Europe and will be heading back to Germany in a few months.

    Didn't know anyone there my first time around but I still had a great time.But since I have a couple of months, it doesn't hurt to make friends ahead of time. So feel free to drop me a line or initiate a conversation by posting here.

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    none that i know of.........yeah fun is me and me is fun.........
    what else is there in life other than havin fun?
    hey but i stopped boozing doo mob za hepi............hahahahaaaahahah


    kwani you lost my email address? hahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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