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Thinking of Moving to Zakynthos, Greece

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I've lived out in Chicagoland Area all my life and only went to Zakynthos when I was little but lately have been thinking about going for a long visit and maybe staying there.
Any thoughts?

  • Robby HORYNA

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    My wife and I have made a life changing decision to emigrate to Zante. We both have EU
    passports so brexit shouldn't ( we hope) affect us to much in that way.

    I myself know a few peeps around the island who could help with some things, to help get us
    What I need to know what are the settling costs such as taxes average utility bills electric gas petrol etc, general running costs. for two people two (2) dogs no children.

    Would it be better to rent, buy a static caravan or alternatively bring over the motorhome to live-in.
    Just starting saving.

    Many thanks.
    aka XDJneps

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    I just found this page and read your conversation. I know things must be much more difficult than they were 5 years ago, but if you're still living in Greece or you know someone who is, could you tell me if it is a good idea to visit on holiday season, because I would love to go live there after finishing college in a couple of years. I think that Greece is a beautiful country and it's a dream I've had for a very long time.
    Thanks for your reply!
    Greetings from Mexico,

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    I am sure yet;)

    but I really want to make my move son:)

    but in these summer my boyfriend and I travled to Zakynthos;)

    were do you lived now?

    which hotel du you mean?

  • Rob Bartlitz

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    Hi Kyria and Kuria,

    Where do you think is the best place to settle in for northern Europeans when moving to Greece? I heard that Kalamata is a wonderfully picturesque city, one that keeps tourism to a minimum. Thessaloniki is meant to be a very vibrant city on the other hand.

    Is moving to a small island not that much harder? I don't know, interested to see what people think.



  • Kuria Aphrodite

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    I am thinking also to move to Greece one day for good,my daughter has to finish her school here in Austria..she is only 14 years old..another 3 years and she will finish her school,than I am planning to move to Greece with my daughter.
    I speak also the Greek language.

    Many greetings from Vienna

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    Hi everyone,

    My husband and I have been planning to move to Greece for the past few years, and now it is within reach. We hope to live a quieter life, away from bustling cities and tourists, and choose to settle down in Kalamata, in the Peloponnese.

    Hi Pernille,

    I heard of Zakynthos too, from a friend who has a hotel there. It is a lovely place. When are you planning to make your move?

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    thank yoy, that was very sweet of you to say. My boyfriend and I had planed to speend our holliday in zakynthos this summer;)

    i also wish you best of you the best, and thank you for your advice, they have been very helpful for me.

    / Pernille

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    how is school?
    My kids are 9 and 14 years old.

  • Rob Bartlitz

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    I wish you all the best in your move to Zakynthos, Pernille. My friend and his family go there at least twice a year to visit friends of theirs who live there permanently (I think in Alikanas). They love their life there and wouldn't move anywhere else.

    After living in dirty, stuffy, cold and stressful London for most of their lives, I don't really blame them :)

    I hear that it is good idea to rent a place before starting to think about buying your own house in Greece.

    Let us all know how you are getting on with it.


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    It helps me a lot to read your letters, about the job situations. I understand that a lot of coutries has found it difficulties and very hard finding another/new job, which has creat some consistent for some people. yes Denmark is a very good country to live in, but many of us has also lost our jobs, and have now problems to find a new job. Many of my friends have lost their jobs, and now they have financial problem, but they hope it will get better in time.

    last year my friend and I were on holliday in zakynthos, and we agree that it was a very loving country, were people help each other. People were always smiling, and they seem very happy for their life, but in the same time we talk about the jon situations like we have been talk about.

    I think me and my boyfriend are moving to zakynthos after 2 years:)


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