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    Dear William,

    For a residency permit, you need to verify the followings:

    (1) Verifying the Purpose of the Residence

    (2) Verifying Sufficient Financial Resources

    (3) Verifying Sufficient Accommodation

    (4) Health Insurance

    (5) Documents evidencing the conditions of the exit

    How you can do this: ( if you need more information, please check our website: https://www.immigrationlawyershungary.com/residencepermit)

    (1) Verifying the Purpose of the Residence

    The purpose of your residence could be: Work, visit, study, business, etc. You can verify it any reliable means.

    (2) Verifying Sufficient Financial Resources
    You can verify it with bank account statement, work contract, tax statement etc.

    (3) Verifying Sufficient Accommodation
    Rent contract, paid hotel booking, real estate purchase document, contract on accommodation by courtesy etc. can verify it.

    (4) Health Insurance

    Both a foreign or Hungarian insurance policy could be good. You can buy your health insurance in Hungary too.
    The cost is about 200 € /year.

    (5) Documents evidencing the conditions of the exit

    You have to attach a statement to the application undertaking that you voluntary leave the EU if the application is refused or the permit is expired.
    Your passport has to be valid until the end of the permit plus 90 more days. You have to have either a valid ticket to return or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket.

    The answers to your questions:
    Do we need to go back to Budapest to do this in person?
    The Us citizens can apply both in the Hungarian consulate both in Hungary.

    2. Should we fly to LA to visit their embassy--Denver's is unable to assist--We live in Denver?

    The LA consulate can definitely help. They have the right staff and experience to handle your application.

    4. Are should we hire an attorney to assist?

    It is not compulsory to hire an attorney but if you do not have experience in immigration issues, it could save time and money.
    If you need more information or any advice, please check our website:https://www.immigrationlawyershungary.com/residencep
    or send an email to [...]

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