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what is the address for the post office in Kuwait?

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I had some things posted from UK to Kuwait, Salwa but i didn't receive it yet, i was just wondering if anyone knows the actual post office address so i can pick it up from there.I've heard there's one in Rumaithiya is that right?

thank you:)

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    Mail Exists

    posted by  John Fowler in Kuwait forum 

    Hi Diane,

    Not sure what others might have noted but.... mail does get through in Kuwait but is dependant upon a few things. I have both business and personal mailing coming/going all the time. If you dropped something off at the post office (Ministry of Communications), then it gets out. It's better to use a delivery service like DHL or Amerex but sm\nail mail gets there also.

    As for the person your dealing with being a cultural bully... probably. People tend to set thier expectations on thier own experiences. I didn't see if you sent something internationally or within Kuwait. A few things to remember. December is traditionally slow in msot countrites due to Christmas. A few gazillion packages coming/going tends to bog things down. Second, a few of the international air hubs got pretty bogged down just befire Christmas. This includes France, Italy, Spain and England. Lots of mail travels by commercial carrier such as United, Luthansa, etc. Ask anybody that tried to get from point A to B this year for Christmas... It wasn't so easy. Took us 3 days to get from Kuwait to London.

    Tell whoever is waiting to be patient. If it still does not show up in a week or two, it might have gotten lost. I had a few letters and packages delayed this year.

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    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    Seems you are the honorary postman for Kuwait.

    I mailed something to a lady 22 days ago and she is demanding a refund...being very crazy and rude. she says she gets mail all the time.....
    she must be aware that the mail system and customs takes time.??????

    am I being culturally bullied?

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    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    kaifan shuwaikh moc staff ppls help you out with information

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    I experienced the same thing. I was expecting a mail from the US and it took me more than a month waiting for it form the mail... Maybe it is being flown to the moon before it gets here in Kuwait.

  • Ahmed Anwer

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    guys it is not that bad, i used to buy stuff thru ebay and recieve it via mail without any problems

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    I know what your going through, like I said before if you ordered something to go through Kuwait's mails system you are better off just reordering it. It is sad but true. good luck

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    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    Hi, since april they send me an envelope thru the post and I haven't receive it yet. people have told me the same, is very bad the service, i just hope someday it appears!!
    i don't know if I can hope still this miracle??

  • Ahmed Anwer

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    there r more than one general post office in kuwait.. what is ur zip code?
    safat post office which is the most famous one located in kuwait city, near mirqab bus station.
    but if u have the stuff posted to u through express or premium mail , u can pick it up from Kaifan post office , there they have a customs area where they recieve parcels and express mail. I had many items sent from USA and i recieved it there

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    Kuwait has many companies that will be a mail service for you. the companies allow you to send things from all other countries and they will pick it up and bring it to your house. the cost is not bad. i think about 15kd to start and they charge you be pound on the items.

    as far as your mail. kuwait does not have an infrastructure like the united states or europe. your mail is stuck in customs just like all the mail gets stuck. So far things that have been sent to kuwait from the us has taken 3 months stuck in their mail station. and it was just an envelope. so I wish you luck with the mail but I would have your mail re mailed through a private service.

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