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Advice on working in Luxembourg city and living in Remich

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Hi there,

We visited Remich once in spring and like it. I will work in Lux city and we consider living in Remich and want to know whether it is a good idea. The distance is about 20 km and it takes about 20-30 minutes on google map without considering traffic. Some advantages I can think of (but not sure) include
1) less expensive rent (we aim at 2-bedroom apartment/flat, 900-1100 Euros)
2) tax benefit due to longer distance between work and home (dreaming?)
3) better living conditions, closer to the nature (especially riverside walking)
4) close to Germany (depending on how often we go there for shopping)
5) warmer winter.
Some concerns include whether it is better for our two-year-old kid than Lux city, eg, children facilities and also flooding of the Moselle.

Please correct me if I am wrong (quite possible). And could anybody give your comments, suggestions and even share your experience? Really appreciated!


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    Very very helpful. Thanks a lot!

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    If you live in Lux city you'll be able to get one resident parking permit (which allows you to park in your immediate area anytime and in other areas for 2-3 hours at a time for free). If you find somewhere a bit less busy but not in the main city area .ie. Cents, Sandweiler, Hersperange etc - you'll find free parking on the street or you may get a garage or allocated parking.

    Best route from UK to Lux is from Calais take the motorway to Lille. Then onto Charleroi, Mons, Tournai (not necessarily in that order), Namur and down towards Luxembourg- coming in via Arlon - I think it's the E42. It's usually very quiet but avoid Lille and Mons during rush hour. Should take you 4 hours without stops and there are plenty of rest areas and service areas if you need to stop. Spy/Charleroi is about 1/2 way.

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    Thank you for providing so much useful information. We really need to reconsider it. We may not be able to consider houses.
    If the flat rent is not much cheaper, we may prefer the city (resident parking permit is not a problem, right?). But it seems we will not lose (much) no matter whether we choose Lux city or Remich :-)

    Yes, I am in the UK now and don't like M25, fortunately I don't need to hit it often. BTW, which 'ring road' did you mention? I am also preparing driving route to Lux. The Tourist Office in London ( )
    suggests an alternative route via the "Ring" road outside Brussels which is like M25. This route is also what googlemap and tomtom planned. Is it what you usually use? Thanks.

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    Hi, Remich is very pretty as you know and not far at all from Lux city. It is easily commutable - as you say just 20 minutes into the city and the traffic will be generally fine until you hit the motorway/outer ring road.

    The commute time will also depend on where you're working - so if you're working in say, Kirchberg which is the Remich side, it will be quicker to get in than say, if you're working in Howald or Strassen, which is all the way over the other side of the city.

    You'll find a regular bus service from Remich to Lux but if you want to drive in, make sure you budget for car parking (or park and ride), which can of course add up.

    You'll benefit from living near Germany and France but to be honest, anywhere you live in Lux is close by. I wouldn't necessarily choose Remich just for that. I live in Lux city and I can still be in Perl (near Remich) or Thionville in about 20 mins.

    In terms of tax breaks for travelling, yes you'll get some but will probably be eaten up with higher fuel costs and parking costs.

    In terms of living conditions - again, depends on what you absolutely have to have. If you want a house with garden, then the further you go from the city the more chance you have of finding somewhere affordable. If you're happy with a flat and balcony, then it can be just as lovely in the city- with plenty of parks and play areas.

    Facilities - you'll find Remich has excellent facilities - as do most larger Lux villages/towns. And if you can't find what you're looking for, you're just 20 mins away from the city.

    I haven't lived in Lux for long, but the Moselle certainly didn't flood this winter. I'm not sure, that if you're a flat, this is something you need to be worried about!

    So to sum up, Remich is easily commutable to the city. If you're coming from England, it will take time for you to get your head around the fact that everywhere is close by. You can be in Germany or France or Belgium in around 10 minutes. The traffic, although can get a little congested at rush hour is absolutely nothing compared to the M25 or most major roads around cities and towns in the UK. Wherever you settle, you're never far from lovely walks, parks and a tranquil atmosphere.

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