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Salary is this enough ?

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Dear Friends,
Hope you all are doing great. I have a question - a job of Network Engineer in the Hague with 3 months extendable contract, 50 euros per hour and total NET salary is 4000 euros per month with no medical and no accommodation. How does it sound keeping in mind a small family with husband, wife, 1.5 year and 1 month kids respectively. Do you think its a good salary?


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    Thanks Saima for the swift response.

    Yes the housing allowance is taxed. and the rest is kind of a joining bonus for the first year, and later depending on the performance etc.

    can you still provide me a ballpark figure for the net i would get in hand? from what i have calculated using the figures in wiki, the total tax amount is coming to be around 12500/anum...means 33k/anum in hand (without taking into account the housing allowance+bonus) that correct?

    Thanks and i really appreciate your help.

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    30% ruling is an advantage.You can find here something about 30% tax ruling.

    Your annual salary is your offer+bonus+ housing allowance. I am not sure if housing allowance is taxed or not. If it is one time like a joining allowance or so it is not but may be.
    You can better ask the company.

    30% of your annual salary is not taxed . The rest will be taxed. The rates for the remaining can be found on Wikipedia. They are accurate

    Ask your company to make a net calculation for you with and without 30% ruling.

    I would think the offer is good. You can try for sometime and move your family later.

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    hello everyone,

    can somebody guide me on the tax rates as i seem not to find any good source of information elsewhere. I have an offer from a aerospace company based in Leiden. The offer is 45.5k/anum excluding the bonus of 5k and the house allowance of 5.5k/anum. what would be the take home amount for me? plus how much would it benefit me (tax-wise) if I go for 30% rule, provided i am married and have one kid.

    Also, how would you evaluate the offer? should i go for it or not? thanks

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    taking advantage of your thread, do you think is there a way a can reach you over email or IM in order to ask you some questions please?

    i'm planning to move to Netherdalnds, maybe Rotterdam or Amsterdam, in about 6 months, and i would like to be ready and aware of all the expenses i'll have to take care of,

    i would be with my small family, (Wife and 2 years child).

    i really appreciate your support on this matter.

    Thanks a lot in Advance.

    Best Regards.
    Sandor Sanchez

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    Thanks a lot saima for your comprehensive reply ... I guess I would accept the offer and hopefully things would be fine. Will bug you again in case I have some more questions :-)


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    You can use this website to make a calculation:

    55k before tax (bruto) would be 27155 euro after tax (netto) so that would be 2263 euro after tax a month (approximately because of things like vacation money, which usually amounts for about one month of salary etc).

    In the Netherlands, to make 4000 euro a month after tax you would have to earn 98427 euro a year before tax.

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    Sorry guys to use your thread !!
    am getting offer of 55k euro without tax in Harlem at one of best companies in world..

    but rite now am in muscat and getting 5000usd(4000euro) tax free!!

    please could tell me if salary in harlem is ok as per my package...
    am in oil/gas sector engineer with 6 yrs exp

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    The utility bill is usually included in the rent, else it is around 150 euros (gas, electricity,etc).

    Ask your company if they reimburse back the transport. Having a car is expensive here, I guess there is some tax/insurance also you have to pay. It's better to bike, yes it's a cyclists' country. It's very safe to bike, there are separate bike lanes and the traffic is not even half as in Pakistan. Cities are smaller.

    But better rent a place close to your office.

    Initially, you have to wait for a month (to get the BSN number-an identity number) before the company can pay you.

    But before a BSN number you need a housing contract.
    Try to rent a home directly through the owner as property dealers here have high comission (normally one month rent +19% VAT). Also the owner will demand a security of 1-2 months rent (refundable). So in the first month, say 700 is rent, you will need say 700+ 700*1.19 + say 1000 security = 2500 euros approx.

    I would advise you to ask your company to help you with the BSN procedure, and help you in home finding so that you have discounted rates for rent and comssion.

    If you don't have enough cash, ask the company to pay off the bills and later deduct from your salary in intsalments or so. You can also demand a joining allowance when you are there.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

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    thanks for the reply, i guess it would help in decision making :)
    just the final question - i heard coz of high fuel prices people either use public transport or use a cycle. is this true? and what about the utlity bills?


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    Dining out is quite expensive here. On the average 15-20 euros for a nice meal, Besides, I don't like the food too much. It's better to cook yourself.

    If net salary is without tax, it's good I would say. (Major expense here is tax). You can rent a studio apartment or shared accomodation. Studios cost 600-700 including electricty, gas, internet, furniture.

    I think you can save 1500-2000 euros comfortably.

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