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Looking for friends? Introduce yourself!

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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members in the world community!

Who are you, where do you live - and why have you joined the Just Landed community? What do you expect to do here, and how can we improve the community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do!

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    posted by  in New Zealand forum 


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    posted by  ralf marshall in New Zealand forum 

    hello there

  • kylie Boho

    Local friend for women fashion business

    posted by  kylie Boho in New Zealand forum 

    Hi nice to meet you here. I have read your post. I am interest to meet with you as fashion deal. are you interested then please visit my site where we will be meet.

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    posted by  in New Zealand forum 

    Hi Mirza,
    Where did you take the process??
    Was it here? =>


    Making friends!job relations!

    posted by  MILAN MITROVICH in New Zealand forum 

    I am 45 YO Serbian living in GREECE for more than 20 years now,looking for a friends and Smart ideas for moving probably into NEW Zeland 'cause here in GREECE last few years is verry difficult-living every day life is out of reality[working for 600-650 e per month]....Me and my best friend Polish started to think obut the same wayto take a risk....I hope someone will help me-us in a way of Information-where,what,how and so on.[working in GREECE as a salesman in shop with tourist stuff,kitchen helper,sales in a shop with clothes,supermarket,factory,fast food[coffee]and not onlyHORNEST First of all!!TRULY YOURS MILAN andROBERT-Wish you all best!!//Welcome into GREECE for holidays!!

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    posted by  in New Zealand forum 

    Hi... my name is Hasrul Darmawan 39 yo indonesian. My friends call me by my first name. Message me and maybe we can chat later.


    Looking for a job

    posted by  MILAN MITROVICH in New Zealand forum 

    Hi,I am coming from Serbia living In GREECE for 22 years now.Me and my best friend[Polish]-46 and 45 yo- decided to move from GREECE in some of a Northern Europian Countries,even NEW Zeland.We have no any friends there-totaly serious and hornest.We would like to make friends and business contacts.///salesman in shoe shop or cloths shop,Super markets,factory,kitchen helpers,fast food-coffee...and not onlyTRULY YOURS

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    posted by  in New Zealand forum 

    Hi Im originally from Turkey and just start to leave New Zealand. It was struggle to find a job as a foreigner. After a couple week empty handed attemp i decided to make a employement website who collect all job advertisements other employement sites. You can check it out if you want

  • ragu govindaraju

    posted by  in New Zealand forum 

    Im from Malaysia and looking for farm jobs ,I will arrive New Zealand by Middle 2017, can any one help me ,Looking for friends at New Zealand ......
    my phone 0060 0196116155


  • abdelhamid ABBAS


    posted by  abdelhamid ABBAS in New Zealand forum 

    i m ABDELHAMID from ALGERIA and I would like to have some friends In New Zealand. Im 51years old and have worked in STAE OWNED COMPANIES in oil and gas for almost 20 years. May my posting be a louch of a new relationships with friends from NZ

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