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    posted by  MILAN MITROVICH in New Zealand forum 

    I am 45 YO Serbian living in GREECE for more than 20 years now,looking for a friends and Smart ideas for moving probably into NEW Zeland 'cause here in GREECE last few years is verry difficult-living every day life is out of reality[working for 600-650 e per month]....Me and my best friend Polish started to think obut the same wayto take a risk....I hope someone will help me-us in a way of Information-where,what,how and so on.[working in GREECE as a salesman in shop with tourist stuff,kitchen helper,sales in a shop with clothes,supermarket,factory,fast food[coffee]and not onlyHORNEST First of all!!TRULY YOURS MILAN andROBERT-Wish you all best!!//Welcome into GREECE for holidays!!

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