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    want to study in romania

    posted by  tudor adrian in Romania forum 

    For those who want to study in Romania I advise you to send an email to [...] or [...] so I've done.

    All I had to do is to send them my papers and then they take care of everythink .What is important to know that the files must be completed by 15 August if you want to start this year and the whole thing takes about 3 weeks maximum, because you need a letter of acceptance from the Ministry of education and only that takes about 2 weeks.
    Once I’ve arrived there they’ve helped me to find en appartament to stay,car,even a job.They were at my disposal at any time I would call,even now after 2 years we go out sometimes with friends and if I have a problem I know they can fix it ,at the and of the first year I had a problem with a teacher,I had few absencees on his course and he didn’t wanted me to pass the year , what can I say,I don’t know how but even that they’ve fixt so… this is my advice contact them and you will have all the answers you need…

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