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final exit

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dear i am working from last four years in saudi arabia with one man power supply compeny first time i have contract of two years with his company after i dant make any contract and still i am working naw i am going for final exit and company is not giving ma final exit he he sending back with me on reentry that means as per saudi law i cannot come back for two years plz if u have any sejecction for me what i will do company give me final exit plz give me the solution i want to come back again in saudi with another company which is offering naw me for job

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     syed n
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    Dear all...
    plz help me.. i am going on exit next month after working 2.5 yrs in khobar. is there any problem if i want to come back to saudi? do NOC required? can i come back back immediately?
    Awaiting for positive reply

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     Muhamad Zeshan Noor
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    I have applied for final exit in Buradah and saw many people waiting for their passport to return with final exit approval for more then 20-26 day. Now i am suffering for same thing, its been almost 22 days my passport is inside Jawazat and no reply.

    Is there any way, where i can check why its being delayed, why its taking so long or how much more time is required or complain for delay.

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     Mohammed Raj
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    I went on reentry visa on July 2011 and after one month i submitted my proper resignation to company and company provided me the final clearance and final settlement and i gave an affidavit also for this.
    I asked the company to send me exit copy of my final exit but until now they didnt send. My re entry visa expired on Sep 2011 and my iqama expired feb 2012.

    Now i got an offer to go saudi with new company. they providing visa and they know about my previous company all things clear and i send that new company about my final clearaance from old company and iqama copy and license copy
    is there any problem for visa stamping?


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     lyzz anne
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    i just want to know if the the iqama and passport status is final exit, does it mean that u r blacklisted? if it is final exit can u not come back again in ksa to work? how about if ur employer have objected for u to come back there any way to find another employer? thanks..responses will be highly appreciated.

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     zahid hussain
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    i work in ksa for 6 months and i was not happy with the iquma as it was in labour category. I decided to leave ksa. i got leave sanction from company for a week and left the country but unfortunately my company gave me exit reentry stamp and now my iqama is getting expired on the month of September 2012 and completing 2 yrs of my exit. Now i want to understand whether i can able to travel KSA after September 2012 in new employment visa. Secondly If i am able to travel KSA then i may face any problem in airport with my past data or past related iqama activities. Kindly reply and advice me.

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     tahir azeem khan
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    thanks dear for your discussion if u have more sujjection plz inform to me regarding final exit

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     Nilesh Thombre
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    If your company is not giving you final exit then you have only way to come to your home country and that is re-entry visa. As per the clauses, once you are on re-entry visa you can go to the saudi consulate/embassy and you can cancel your re-entry visa in your home country itself by paying SAR 1000/- if its the first time. Second time it happens then you need to pay SAR 2000/- and for the third time you need to pay SAR 3000/- and you can cancel your visa within your home country. But you need to have patience and show them the valid reason that why you need to go back to Saudi Arabia. But before leaving Saudi Arabia you take the certificate / letter from your present company that you are leaving the job and not coming back to the same company.
    Hope this will help you. You can browse the above said information on the saudi government web portals too.
    Thanks and all the best!!

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     tahir azeem khan
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    first i will try for final exit if company is giving me if not if will go to labour court for my final exit

  • majd hussein

     majd hussein
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    If you can manage to get a no objection letter then it is solved..

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     gopakumar nair
    Posted in Saudi Arabia forum

    Try to get the final exit visa very frindly way from the present employer.
    Other wise emabssy and labour court can help you.

    There is no independent visa.That is a false thinking.And that is illegal.
    Now the saudi government is going to be very strict for such illegal workers.
    Be careful to enter such activities.

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