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hi dear

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i m living in dubai

why not to become friends
i can teach u english because i have already completed my ielts exam
i have done many courses

add me


  • Catherin Lee

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  • Ashfaq Ahmad

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    I can learn korean languages
    do you help me?

  • Shally Choi

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    hai,,i'm from indonesia my name is shally :)
    i would like to learn korean,,,can i be your friends??
    and my english not to good too,,,i can speak english,,but just the basic :)

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    Hi Youn,

    I would like to learn Korean! I do not know any at all! We could be friends and help each other ^.^


  • hello :)

    posted by Deleted user in South Korea forum 

    Hy ^^
    my name is vin, and i'm an indian. i was just looking for some korean friends because recently i've wanted to learn korean language. i am living in saudi arabia(studying here) , but i would be glad if you could help me out with learning korean language and maybe we can become friends as well. and don't worry, if u need any help with english, am more than happy to teach you. i really hope i can meet some korean people over here who would be willing to teach me korean language and become friends. if your intereseted, can contact me at [...] :)

  • Lenin Mae Degracia

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    hi im from philippines, im willing to exchange language with you, i really wanted to learn korean because maybe by the end of this year, ill be visiting seoul..

    i hope that we can be friends..

    email: [...]


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    I am May from Singapore. Glad to exchange and share different languages and culture with you. My email is [...]. Email me if you would like to be my friend. Warmest regards.

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    Anhyeong haseyo! :)

    posted by  Jayjay Mee in South Korea forum 

    I am more than willing to teach you English wether for conversational or for professional purposes. I speak Korean about 45% but only limited..I need to learn more. I am from the U.S.-- San Diego, California but I'm originally from the Philippines, migrated and have been living here for about 13 years now. I speak English, Tagalog/Filipino, and conversational Korean. The reason that I want to learn Hangul is that I wanna move there when I pass my National Board examination in Respiratory Care. I wanna work in one of the most updated technology powered Korean hospital in Korea, I think that it's one of any healthcare professionals dreams to work with the most updated and innovated hospital technologies in terms of medical machines. I hope to hear from you very soon to work together on helping each other's language learning. Kamsa- hamnida! :)

  • Michael Cooper


    posted by  Michael Cooper in South Korea forum 

    hmm i'm American i live in Tennesse, and i'm big on teaching english lol. i need help learning korean hmm but i do have hard times with english myself but if you want i will help u and if you can i would like for you to help me learn Korean.

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    It take 30minute from hotel that you will saty.i am living in anyang city.
    I will test english exam within 26 day. So i need person who can pratise with english. If you are busy can you introduce other people who can speak english very well......i am sure i will teach korean language and culture.

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