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    Good Day.

    The 1st email or sms message through the local Turkish embassy to you is the WORK VISA reference number. You give back to your Employer to file an online application at Ministry of Labor and Social Security website to execute online approval procedures for the work permit applications filed abroad, to issue a work visa to travel and enter Turkey.

    10 - 12 days after.

    The 2nd email or sms message through the local Turkish embassy BOTH to YOU and EMPLOYER is the WORK PERMIT approval reference number. The work permit file stays at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the same town where the employer business is located. Upon arriving to Turkey, you can request your ID CARD that is issued within 6 days, using your work permit approval reference number.

    Your work visa converts into a WORK PERMIT and RESIDENCE PERMIT entering Turkey. Work permit will only take effect in the existence of valid short-term residence permit when you register your local address in Turkey https://www.nvi.gov.tr/ within 20 days of arrival.

    Failure to do so, you can apply for a short-term residence permit here http://turkeyresidencepermit.com

    PERSUANT TO WORK PERMIT FOR FOREIGNERS LAW NO. 4817 Foreigners who wish to work in Turkey shall obtain work permit. All non-turkish nationals can work and be employed in Turkey and also benefit from social security, medical and retirement. Work permits in Turkey are issued to individuals for 1 year duration only each instance.

    Hope you enjoy your job and stay in Turkey.

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