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Want to transfer company but already signed the contract

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hello all! I was hired by a company and signed the contract last 21 Dec. I have been working for a week now but I was really not happy because of the nature of the job where I was assigned and my salary is not quite fair. But since I was on a visit visa and still have no GCC experience I took the offer apart from the fear that I might have to exit to Kish for a month. ( I heard a lots of sad stories) Now, I have a better offer with another company and the position is what I really seek for. I would really like to transfer though I think it would be quite impossible for me considering the fact that they have already taken my original passport and visa. Can it still be possible? I'm also wondering where will I find the information about the status of my working visa since they told me it has been processed and I will have to pay plus I will be banned if I quit with my current job. Kindly shed some light. Your comments and kind advice will be cherished. Thank you.

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    Hi friends! I hope you are all doing well. I came in Dubai on a visa-on-arrival status. I have an iqama with accountant profession on it, that is why, I was able to enter in Dubai. My question is, I still have a valid iqama in Saudi Arabia for 9 months. My re-entry visa is 60 days valid, and is still valid. Here you go! Can I acquire a UAE working visa/permit even if I still have a valid iqama in Saudi Arabia Please let me know! Thank you in advance and more power!

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    do get in touch with me on [...], so I can guide you,

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    how is fashion business in Kuwait

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    am working in sharjah as a electrical engineer for last 4 months i don't want to continue here because my manager harassing me too much .i have working here more than 11 hours daily but they did not paid for over time also they are not giving full amount of salary .i have engineer visa now they told me you are labor here go and work in site as a labor .i have unlimited contract and 3 month probation per uae law for a fire company required 8 labor but here is only one labor they using engineers as a labor.if i resign from here is any ban impose on much is the cost to lift ban plz help me.if i file a case in mol will they cancel my visa plz help me

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    looking at your comments I think you might find the new group EXPATS IN DUBAI very useful

    Please join, and share your experiences. You can help new arrivals and get some useful contacts to business professionals.

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    Talk with the Philippine Embassy in UAE and ask for their advice.

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    Dear Dr.,

    Please see the article below:

    Article 127
    Where the work assigned to a worker allows him to become acquainted with the
    employer's clients or to have access to his business secrets, the employer may require him to undertake not to compete with him or participate in any enterprise competing with his own, after the termination of his contract. For such an undertaking to be valid, the worker must be at least 21 Gregorian years of age at the time the agreement is concluded, and the agreement must be confined, in terms of time, place and thenature of the business, to the extent necessary to safeguard the employer's legitimate interests.

    This article did not specify any period or time when a person is under this clause. it says that the agreement must be confined, in terms of time, place etc. Well, I cannot judge if it is fair, all I can say is that it is the law.

    I have friends working as doctors in UAE and they just move here and there. It is actually the employer's wish whether to file a complaint against you in a court or simply let you go.

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    article 127 of UAE Labour Law no 8 of 1980

    posted by  rajesh kumar in Dubai forum 

    Thank you so much Mr Charles

    But sir the contract says that;

    the second party shall not be involved /employed in
    UAE with any other organization conducting/having
    competitive/similar activity to that of the first party for a period of two
    (2) years from the completion/termination of his /her employment

    So even after completion of contract i can not work for 2 years in some other hospital if required.Is it fair.


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    Dear John and Dr. Rajesh,

    Thank you for posting here as well. I'm here to support you.

    Dr., regarding the agreement, once the contract has elapsed its effect, you may join other hospitals.

    If you will move from Abu Dhabi to Doha, the contract will not bind you anymore considering that the laws of UAE does not apply to Doha and vice versa.

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    Thank you Mr Charles

    I am really grateful to you for your advice

    One more thing sir
    What will happen after my contract period is over after 2 years.Even after that also I can not work with other hospital.
    If i move to Abu Dhabi or Doha will this contract still valid.

    Sir please do reply

    thanks & regards


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