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reasonable salary to live on

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Hi i am potentially moving to Dubai early next year as a legal sec for a large international law firm. What is a realistic salary to live on? i am used to Cayman and Bermuda prices so housing costs wont be a shock (tho i have been told most things are cheap in terms of groceries, taxis etc) and that housing will be your biggest cost. ive heard most companies help you out with housing costs.. is this true as this has not been mentone to me so i just want to make sure i wont be living on no money when i finally get there. Also is it completely tax free - no tax at all? and finally is it easy to meet people as a single ex pat (not for dating just friends?). Is the Marina nice place and central area to live in.. i will be flat sharing probably to save on costs.

thanks for any info you can give me,

  • Firoze Kazi

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    you will need minimum 10,000 AED per month to survive.

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    These days, Dubai is a little down due to the recent economic meltdown. SO housing prices have come down tremendously.
    You can rent a studio for as little as 20K dirhams.

    Once you arrive, get a driving license. Its far more cheaper to drive than a taxi.

    Marina is a nice place to live in.You can also live in discovery gardens. If your company is going to provide you would be mentioned in your offer letter.
    Yes it is free of income tax.

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    hi Jodie

    Dubai is a lovely city which u can live and enjoy and its very easy to meet with people from all over world, now days the rent prices are going down and marina its a very nice place to live , u cant say is it in the centre of the city , here in Dubai every area is centre ..... i mean in every area u will find malls and hypermarkets and every thing u need around u .

    for the salary it depends on many factors ,,,,,, but as u r single and u still dont have any commitmant i think 10000 Dhs will be very reasnable to start and u can make some money if u r stay in sharing flat , and UAE is a free tax country.

    i will be happy if u consider me as your first friend in Dubai . and u can contact me on my email Mohammed.abu [...]

    please dont hesitate to contact me any time ,

    Thanks and see u soon in Dubai.


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