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Saudi Arabia


Saudi official institution
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Makkah - Mecca


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     Bandar Alamri

    New investment opportunity, "a Saudi official institution Agencies are looking for a partner and foreign investor or

    We are a Saudi official business by working regulations of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Saudi Arabia and we have a license and commercial registration and membership in force in the Chamber of Commerce & Industry for permission to conduct commercial activities on the multi-Mokhtlfaho like the following:

    (((With the possibility of sale clause and sectoral import)))

    1 - electrical and electronic
    2 - a desktop computer and laptop computer and accessories
    3 - supports heavy vehicles and parts and tools is
    4 - new and used vehicles
    5 - garments
    6 - Accessories and cosmetics
    7 - all leather
    8 - vegetables and fruits, fresh and canned
    9 - all food
    10 - Meat fresh and frozen
    11 - in addition to ready to adopt any type of commercial agencies or accredited open commercial offices in all cities of the Kingdom directly after the signing of the contract or agreement through the embassy or a competent official body or an office lawyer, an officially recognized

    We can license any new activity wants practiced investor and was not allowed within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    An example
    1 - a license to engage in industrial activities: industrial raw materials and primary
    2 - a license to engage in the activities of security: security guards, security - security control
    3 - a license to conduct banking activities: banking and financial
    4 - a license to engage in construction activities: building and construction and Altamierat (we recommend)
    5 - a license to practice contracting activities: operating, maintenance, cleaning and general contracting (we recommend)
    6 - a technical license to practice the technical activities: information and communications and the Internet (we recommend)
    7 - a license to engage in seasonal activities: seasonal projects for Hajj and Umrah (we recommend)
    8 - license and media culture to engage in activities: Marketing and Advertising
    9 - Transportation license to practice activities: Rental Buses - Taxi Limousine car - heavy transport
    10 - licensing services for the conduct of activities: Tallabh services and public services
    11 - or open a new company or institution as requested by the foreign investor licensing of foreign investor (a foreign partner or investor) (we recommend)

    And who wish to deal with us please communicate via
    E-mail [...]
    Or messages on mobile 00966537847424 This number is for messages only
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Makkah - Mecca
    Street Alberno. B 91 658 8745 Code

    We can send you a visa to visit the investor to preview projects on the ground.

    We have a list of projects recommended by the Ministry of Trade and Alsnaah and the Saudi Chamber of Commerce

    my name: Bandar Bakr alamari
    Director of the Foundation