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Healthserve Home Healthcare
 Healthserve Home Healthcare
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Healthserve Home Healthcare
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  • Healthserve Home Healthcare
     Healthserve Home Healthcare


    Physician's visit at your home or place of accommodation:

    Health Serve Home Health Care offers highly qualified Physicians (General Practitioners), to provide assessment, consultation and treatment for the patient at their place of residence, work or hotel and who cannot travel to the clinic or hospital due to their health condition.

    Our experienced physicians can provide consultation & treatment for all types of non-acute clinical conditions such as cough, cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, allergic reactions, dizziness, minor injuries, respiratory, gastrointestinal & urinary tract infections etc.

    The service excludes any major injuries or medical emergencies such as heart attack or cardiac arrest, substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, etc.), physical abuse, assault, or any other life threatening injuries.

    Why Doctor at Home?
    Our program aims to improve the well-being of our patients by preventing unnecessary hospitalizations, ER admissions.

    During the visit, our physician will:
    1. Physically examine and assess the patient.
    2. Review medical history of the patient and carry out bedside investigations, if needed (as per DHA guidelines on Point of Care Testing).
    3. Provide comprehensive treatment plan for the patient or refer to a clinic or hospital depending upon the assessment and update the family members.

    Our physicians are available 24 hours (on call). Please call 04 357 7657 (during office timings) or 054 306 1896 (after office hrs).

    Note: DHA sick leave can be issued to genuine cases.

    For more information visit or Contact (whatsapp) +971543061896 / CAll: +97143577657

  • Healthserve Home Healthcare
     Healthserve Home Healthcare


    Don’t let your pains, aches and injuries restrict your lifestyle; Get safe, effective and personalized treatment from our highly trained and experienced physiotherapists for a faster recovery, regaining strength, range of motion and endurance.

    For more information visit or Contact (whatsapp) +971543061896 / CAll: +97143577657

  • Healthserve Home Healthcare
     Healthserve Home Healthcare

    Elderly Care Service in Dubai

    We recognize the value of growing older and our services ensure that care givers provide compassionate and reliable medical care to keep the elderly and dependent safe in their homes.
    Our Elderly Care Partnership Programs are specially designed programs to proactively enhance the health and wellness of the elderly. As patients need continuous support, this comprehensive package offers dedicated care to put families at ease. With full time service delivered by compassionate staff, this program allows for continuum of care and rehabilitation that builds a sense of independence in patients. Specialized and personal year round care helps give seniors a sense of independence, for a more comfortable treatment alternative.

    Some of our services provided to the elderly but not limited to are:

    1. Regular home visits by physicians and providing consultation.
    2. Assisting them in activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing, oral care, skin care, urine & bowel elimination etc.
    3. Accompanying them during hospital visits and organising medical check-ups at hospitals/clinics.
    4. Assisting in mobilization or ambulation
    5. Bed positioning for bed ridden patients (proper turning)
    6. Falls and Risk Management
    7. Staying with patients (in home based or during hospital admissions) at all time to prevent the risk of falls and injuries
    8. Medication (Oral /IV Infusion Management)
    9. Organising onsite lab tests for them and maintaining their medical records.
    10 Liasioning with pharmacies for home delivery of prescription refills.
    So, whether its your mother, father or grandparents who have come from to live with you temporarily or they are residing permanently here in UAE with you and cannot take care of themselves or need support, we are here to help for all their medical needs in the most compassionate and personalized manner.

    For more information visit or Contact (whatsapp) +971543061896 / CAll: +97143577657

  • Healthserve Home Healthcare
     Healthserve Home Healthcare

    Bedside Lab Investigation service in Dubai

    Healthserve is a DHA licensed Home Health Care Service Provider, conveniently located in the beautiful and progressive city of Dubai.

    Routine beside lab investigations are very important to assess and monitor the day to day clinical progress of the acute and chronic bed-ridden patients. Our specialized healthcare team can carry out the tests which are necessary (and approved by Dubai Health Authority) in the comfort of your home without you having to go anywhere and wait in the queues or find parkings.

    Most of the results can be given almost immediately without any follow-up or delay to you or your treating physician.

    For more information visit or Contact (whatsapp) +971543061896 / CAll: +97143577657

  • Healthserve Home Healthcare
     Healthserve Home Healthcare

    Best Home Nursing service in Dubai

    Healthserve’s skilled home nursing program is designed to address a patient’s long term needs at home. Patient’s that suffer from complex medical issues and find it difficult to move about freely can now opt for personalized and compassionate care at home.

    After a careful assessment of the clinical condition of the patient, our physicians & supervisors assign the most suitable the nurse matching their needs. They will look after medication administration and equipment needed for treatment and service. The nurses work under the guidance of the treating physicians and provide care, education and support to the patients and their families with routine review sessions on progress and treatment of the patients.

    Healthserve’s trained and skilled nurses follow a stringent recruitment process for this program. In house training programs include refresher courses, finishing school courses, grooming and communication training.

    Some of the services provided by our nurses are:

    1. Skilled nursing assessment and evaluations including measurement & monitoring of vital Signs – BP, Temperature, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Blood Sugar Level, Oxygen Saturation etc.
    2. Pre & Post-Operative Care Management
    3. Medication management (IV/ORAL)- administration and infusion therapies.
    4. Pulmonary/ Respiratory Care Management (suctioning, cleaning, drainage and dressing)
    5. Nutrition Management: Oral and Tube Feedings (NGT, OF, PEG) Diet modification based on patient requirements or needs.
    6. Assisting patients in Activities of Daily living (bathing, grooming, dressing, bed transfer to wheelchair)
    7. Wound Care Management (dressing & changing)
    8. Health Education for patients and patient family
    9. Acute and Chronic wound care management (diabetic foot, leg ulcers, decubitus ulcers(bedsores), surgical wounds (post operation)
    10. Skin Care Management (stoma care, ulcers etc.)
    11. Catheter Care Management
    12. Infection Control Management
    13. Fall & Injury Risk Assessment and Management

    For more information visit or contact (whatsapp) +971543061896 / +97143577657

  • Healthserve Home Healthcare
     Healthserve Home Healthcare


    “A mother joys begins when new life is stirring inside, when a tiny heartbeat is heard and feel for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone”

    Our Services which includes:
    1. Health Education
    # Proper Feeding
    # Proper Diaper and Clothes change
    # Child safety (proper handling or carrying a baby)
    # Providing step by step guide in stages of pregnancy
    # Providing assistance and support from delivery until giving birth
    # Wound Care (post-surgical operation; C-section or normal delivery)
    # Palliative Care/ Pain Management
    # Relaxation Exercises and Techniques (proper breathing, meditation etc.)

    2. Pre Natal Assessment and Care (Before Birth)
    # Helps to improve blood circulation
    # Helps to reduce maternal weight gain
    # Helps to reduce lower back pain
    # Helps to reduce to prevent: leg cramps & swelling, constipation, varicose veins and gestational diabetes.

    3. Post Natal Assessment and Care (After Birth)
    # Helps to recover quickly after giving birth
    # Helps in proper posture
    # Helps in increasing stamina and energy
    # Helps to reduce weight (weight loss)
    # Helps to enhance self confidence

    Our highly trained and certified medical staff will assist our patients, and will provide support (mental, emotional and physical) during and after the pregnancy until they reached the level that they can stand or support on there on.

    For more information visit or contact (whatsapp) +971543061896 / +97143577657

  • Healthserve Home Healthcare
     Healthserve Home Healthcare

    Newborn and Child Care

    Becoming a parent for the first time is not easy, especially having a new born child and having no idea on how you will raise a kid.

    Health Serve Home Health Care will help and assisting you in providing a proper care to your baby at any stage:

    Our Services which includes:
    1. Health Education (cord care, post-op care, wound care etc.)
    2. Lactation Counselling or awareness (breast feeding)
    3. Pre & Postnatal Assessment (which includes the plan, Post-operation wound care)
    4. New born screening and assessment
    5. Physical and Psychosocial support
    6. Providing assistance in new born sleeping patterns
    7. Providing assistance for new born vaccination, monthly check-ups routine and consultation
    8. Assisting new born in personal hygiene (bathing, dressing, diaper, and other new born needs)

    For more information visit or contact (whatsapp) +971543061896 / +97143577657

  • Healthserve Home Healthcare
     Healthserve Home Healthcare

    Best Home Healthcare Service Provider in Dubai

    Health Serve is a DHA licensed Home Health Care Service Provider, conveniently located in the beautiful and progressive city of Dubai.

    Health Serve was passionately formed by clinical and health management professionals to bridge the gap of clinical support services between the specialty physicians and their patients by providing healthcare services to them at their doorstep.

    Our team consists of highly qualified, skilled, experienced and multinational healthcare professionals. The team has been trained to integrate western technical skills and eastern hospitality to provide high quality healthcare for our patients and help them to enhance their lives.

    We, at Health Serve, ensure that you receive the best possible care in a professional manner in the comfort of your home away from all the queues, appointments and waits.

    GP Doctors Visit and Consultation
    Physiotherapy and Fitness
    Skilled Nursing
    Maternity and Pregnancy Care
    Newborn and Child Care
    Elderly Care
    Travel Medical Assistance
    Bedside Lab Investigations
    Chronic Disease Management
    Wellness Management

    For more information visit or Contact (whatsapp) +971543061896 / CAll: +97143577657