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New members - Introduce yourself!

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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members! What are you doing in France? What are you looking for in the community? And what are your ideas of how we can improve the France community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do. Good luck in France!

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    publicado por  Sara L en Foro de Francia 

    Hi everybody!
    I'm Sara, I'm 17, I live in Spain and I'm a student.
    I'm not living in France, but I've been in France so many times and I would like to study there (for that reason I'm here).
    I think France is a wonderful country and French people are incredible.

  • Osvaldo Villar


    publicado por  Osvaldo Villar en Foro de Francia 

    I live in Cahors, an area near Toulouse in the Lot (46) where there are many English and even American people living and working. I am a journalist and I teach Spanish. I born in Cuba having to move away to escape from Fidel Castro! I live in France since 1970's. So I decided to help you. What do you teach? Here in Cahors there are possibilities to teach Mathematics, Physics, English, and Spanish maybe with other languages. There are also a way to rent a house having a ‘Hose Benefits’ and even some subsides. Personally, I have lived in the UK for many years and I have help English people wanting to move to France to settle in the area. So I do wish to help you too. My phone number at home is from abroad 0033(5)65228068 and from France 0565228068. My Mobar 0033623387517 and my email [...]
    With my very best wishes,
    Osvaldo Villar

  • Diane Mineault

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    Hi Mary, I have a house in Roussillon. Will also be moving there permanently next year. It's a fabulous area

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    Le premier détail à régler n’est pas le budget, mais le thème de la pièce. Décidez vous d’abord pour un thème, car cela vous aidera à y voir plus clair quant au choix des objets et meubles, et vous épargnera temps et argent

    Pour agrémenter la pièce, illustrer le thème et créer l’ambiance recherchée, accessoires et bibelots sont recommandés


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    Laissez la lumière entrer dans votre maison seulement si vous en avez envie en orientant les lamelles du store.

    Une ambiance printanière prendra le relais au fil des journées au sein de votre maison.Chaque couleur a été étudié pour répondre à tous vos besoins.


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    hi every one how r u? i a new in this forum and want to share with u about my interested and goal.


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    Hey everyone :) I would love to meet some people who live in Paris and speak English, as i tend tend to travel and go there a lot. I'm 18 and from Bulgaria originally.


  • Hi

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    Hi, my name is Maria, Im 18, I've just arrived at Marseille and I dont know anyone here. Im Venezuelan so I speak spanish and I lived in england for six years.
    I also love travelling.


  • ratna jass

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    Hi Precious,

    How is Paris now? hope it works well with you. I read your message, I wonder if you could suggest me Immerse Language course for Adult, maybe in Nice or somewhere else. Thanks in advance. I am staying with a friend in Séte.

  • ratna jass

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    Hallo there,
    Hope you settle in Aix already. Please, would you give me info a good immerse french curse in Aix. Thanks a lot

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