Mohd Zaid Kadir

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Mohd Zaid Kadir
 Mohd Zaid Kadir
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My name is mohd zaid bin kadir . you may called me zack. i am muslim and malay races . Join for lookin freinds and bisnes contact . hope you alls says Hi ...Hello alls :)
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English, Malay
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57 años
Malaysia, Singapore


Animals/Pets, Art, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor life, Coffee, tea and conversation, Computers/Internet, Cooking, Gardening, Music, Photography, Religion/Spiritual, Shopping, Volunteer/Community Activities, Pool/Snooker, Walking/Hiking, i love chess but i,m not a good player....
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blues and slow rock
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any good box office films
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meet a new freinds
Cosas que odio:
selfish , egois people
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Ole Ole Foods Industry
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Foods industries.
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Marketing and Operation Manager
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I would like to find a partner to sell my products such as chips, cookies and nata de coco. Our factory is located in Selangor Malaysia. For further information, please email to


  • Mohd Zaid Kadir
     Mohd Zaid Kadir

    I am a businessman foods such as chips, traditional / modern food and biscuits. I have a mini-mill to produce food as above. We also ship to singapore through the middle man. I really hope if there is anyone from singapore want to make a deal with us, so many good things in the business for the future. What we know ,from singapore company- our product is goin around the world with his brand . i ,m agreed people more believe the product brand made in singapore . that is the important . Brand trusty.
    pls visit our blog - ( malay language )
    probably much should we will share with partners from singapore.
    Pls come our serious partner to Malaysia.