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Labour Supplier Needed

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My name is Ronald work with one of the labour exporting companies in Uganda
I have a labour supply contract of 600 maids to Saudi Arabia and 800 cleaners to UAE and other smaller demands .
But of recent our ugadan government put a bann on exportation of maids to the middle east due to the recent torturing of some maids in Saudi.
My reason for writing this is to ask if we can make an MOU with anu willing company and you execute the contract on our behalf by doing the recruitment from Ghana under your company then we share the the contractual benefits.
Inotherwords we can subcontract you and you do the recruitement on our behalf since there might be no ban in your country as it is the case in Uganda
If it is possible contact me for more explanations.
Thank you

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    ok Mr Ronald i think this is not a problem to me what i want to you is that idont have a company here in Tanzania but we can open a company and do together this business,my email [...] and my phone +255718591725

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