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    Career or Masters

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    Hi Kana Ges,

    Really intrigued by you question as this is something that I've constantly thought about during my time in university. I know it's a cliche answer but I think, it depends.

    It depends on what you are trying to achieve for your own future. With an advanced degree, larger companies are more likely to hire you with a good starting salary as well. However, do keep in mind that it's not always "sought-after" and it also depends on the quality of your degree!

    As for pursuing a career first, this (in my personal opinion) is the most viable option as real-world working experience is more valuable.

    I've found that most of my friends who chose to pursue a career first and wanted to take a masters, would take a career break after a while to return to education. So to speak, experience backed by a certificate is always more valuable!

    If you're looking for a masters degree locally, do give this article a read first. It might help in your decision making process: https://www.nilai.edu.my/news/a-rewarding-learning-experienc

    I hope this helps.

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