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Emmanuel Center
 Emmanuel Center
Su di me:
Insegnamento delle lingue straniere.
Vive in:
Rome (Italy)
English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, German, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Catalan, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese (br), Punjabi
Contatti di lavoro
Denmark, France, Italy, Qatar, Switzerland, Rome, Zürich


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Computers/Internet, Skiing
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Non mostrato


Emmanuel Center of Foreign languages
Sito Internet:
Teachers of Foreign Languages.
Settore lavorativo:
Insegnamento linguistico
Via Marconi, 15


  • Emmanuel Center
     Emmanuel Center

    Emmanuel Center of Foreign Languages
    Learn from Office/Home
    It is easy to learn a language with Emmanuel Center. We enable you to learn comfortably from home with the best available native teachers with flexible hours. Your physical location has no importance since all communication are performed over the internet. Emmanuel Center offers a wide variety of different courses.
    Would you like to try Emmanuel Center's learning method before you decide to pay for the course? We offer you a trial lesson for free where we will gladly answer all your questions.

    Live with Teachers
    All Courses are taking place interactively with a real teacher. When learning a required language, you will hear and see the teacher, exactly like attending a traditional language class. All you need is your computer (laptop or desktop, MAC or PC), a headset, and your enthusiasm to learn the needed language.
    English - German - Spanish - Catalan - French - Italian - Swedish - Portuguese - Brazilian - Turkish - Latin - Chinese - Rumanian - Arabic Modern Standard - Modern Greek - Ancient Greek - Hindi/Urdu Punjabi and many other languages with native and bilingual (on request for low levels) tutors. We are also specialists in training at your business.
    At the end of each course, a certificate is issued declaring attendance and the level reached in the four language skills: oral expression, listening comprehension, reading and writing.
    We will be with you 24/7/365 days a year to help you with any question or booking!
    Special offer: if you come with a friend there is a 25% discount on the second course
    Our levels:
    A1 (30 hours) Beginner. Eur 16,80/ private lesson
    A2 (30 hours) Pre-intermediate. Eur 17,80
    B1 (40 hours) Upper-Intermediate. Eur 20,00
    C1 (50 hours) Advanced Level Eur 24,00
    C2 (50 hours) Master (Total knowledge and use of chosen language). Eur 29,00