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Well, i am honestly a easy going person, and most people see me as just that and rootsy. However, i am also a serious person, there are somethings that i am very committed to, and will be work hard at to ensure that i achieve whatever goals i set. I am someone who will laugh at herself, will willingly, without force, shamelessly embarrass myself by singing at a karaoke. I love an adventure, to swim, doing a hike, chilling with friends and doing absolutely nothing. I am the type of female who can be that good friend, not afraid to get dirty and change my own tyres (but always welcome help), yet, i am still a bit of a baby and also.
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Canada, Jamaica, United States


Animals/Pets, Art, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor life, Coffee, tea and conversation, Dining out, Drama-Plays/Musicals, Fishing, Gardening, Movies/Videos, Music, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteer/Community Activities, Dancing, Jogging, Swimming, Tennis/Racquet Sports
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Soul Music
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Cuba Goodison was in it... cant remember the name
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the seven habbits of highly effective people
Cose che mi piacciono:
hanging with good, sincere people
Cose che non mi piacciono:
hanging with people who are good and sincere
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    Hi. I am in jamaican and want to migrate to canada. i was thinking that i could go to a school to learn a trade in canada or continue my studies in psychology or sociology. (i already have degrees in these) i thought it would be good to learn a skill or trade first so that i can quickly get a job and make further plans. Not sure. Can someone advise me as it relates to what might be best to do, which college or university might be most useful to immigrants, and also, if there are any grants out there. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.