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    Taylor McKenzie’s Quick Guide to Studying in Japan

    Be wary of frauds and scams that offer studying while working in Japan with a high salary. These offers may sound inviting yet they are too good to be true.

    False part-time job posts usually offer JPY 300,000 (USD 2600) per month or more or JPY 3,000 (USD 26) per hour. In reality, you may only earn JPY 900 (USD 8) per hour or JPY 50,000 (USD 439) per month on an average.

    Aside from the good pay, scam part-time job postings will assure students not just of tuition coverage, but of living costs and even spare money that they may send to their sending country while working and studying simultaneously.

    As a matter of fact, international students are allowed to have part-time jobs for limited work hours only and are required to observe certain conditions. The status of residence and work permits determine how long and what kind of work will be allowed for students. These part-time jobs are usually limited to 28 hours a week.

    Residence status is listed as follows, depending on the length of stay:

    – Exchange student

    – Dependent

    – Designated activities

    – Cultural activities

    – Temporary visitor

    Though there are no limits for work hours to those who will perform as educational or research assistants for their respective universities, such activities will surely would not exceed the average wage hours allowed.

    Students are also restricted to work for adult entertainment service establishments by laws and regulations. They are not to work in bars and cabarets where staffs or attendants are to engage physically with customers.

    Here is a list of part-time job categories in which international students are allowed to be employed:

    – Food and beverage

    – Sales and marketing

    – Teaching or Research assistant

    – Translation or Interpretation

    – Language instructor

    – Cleaning services

    – Hotel receptionist or Service staff

    – Home tutor

    Foreign students may be subject to deportation or disciplinary action if they work more than the permitted hours, work without permit, or work outside the scope of their residence status. Some students are forced to leave due to school negligence, tardiness and absenteeism.

    As for internships that are open to students who are yet to graduate, they are to utilize their opportunities to work only to gain experience in positions related to their future career or majors. Students are advised to communicate with their universities to recognize their qualifying internship.

    If an internship comes with wage, students are to secure a permit if there will be activities that are not under the permit granted based on the status of residence or if the work hours will exceed 28 hours per week.

    So if one is considering studying in Japan, and setting studies as the priority, they must ensure to plan around their financial capabilities before deciding to pursue studies abroad so that there will no longer be a need to depend that much on different part-time jobs. Making sure that sidelines will not let their studies be sidetracked.

    Supposedly, students’ income from part time jobs are meant to be used for academic purposes and expenses and not for remittance overseas. After all, there are different expenses that needs to be fulfilled before, during and after coming to Japan and studying abroad.

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    Taylor McKenzie: Travel Scam Affected the Tourists Going to Japan

    It is a not an unusual thing to see a lot of travelers booking for a Japan tour. Travelers are ready to pay the fees and settle the necessary requirements such as visa, to be able to travel the country. In Narita airport in Tokyo, hundreds of tourist flock the area. Most of them are just about to embark on their journey to the famous tourist spots in the country.

    However, although a lot of tourists are ready to visit the country, there are quite a few ones who are experiencing some troubles in going to Japan. There are people who were affected by fraud travel offers. There are criminals who pretends to be a travel agent and provide appealing offers to inexperienced travelers. They take advantage of the trusting tourists to extort money from them.

    Mode of scam
    There have been complaints from various travelers about a certain mode of the scam being done by swindlers who are pretending to be travel agents. The victims of the fraud travel offer were hundreds of tourists from Bangkok. They were distraught when they found out that they don’t have the legitimate tickets to Japan. They were also disappointed when they have known the truth about the travel deals they paid for which has only been a part of a scam.

    According to the reports of the victims, they found out that they have no flight tickets to Japan when they asked the ticket inquiry in the airport. The excitement they felt for their Japan tour turned into frustration and anxiety.

    Fraud company called Wealth Ever
    About 470 tourists from Bangkok filed complaints to the authorities since they were stranded at Suvarnabhumi Airport located in the southern province of Ranong. They weren’t able to ride the flights they booked for their trip as they waited for hours, trying to reach and looking for the company where they availed their travel packages.

    Some tourists grew tired of waiting. Others have confirmed their suspicion when they cannot found or access the Facebook page of Wealth Ever, a multi-level marketing firm company. More than 50 police officers of Samut Prakan police station were sent to investigate the case.

    The person behind the scam was identified as Pasist Arinchayalapis. He told the travelers that their flights were between Tuesday night and Sunday. The travelers arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport’s Gate 1 of the departure hall and waited for hours to get their flight details and itinerary. After wasting their time on waiting, there’s no travel agent nor any representative who showed up. No one has even guided the travelers where to check-in for their flights.

    The culprit was apprehended by the Ranong Police and was escorted to the station via a helicopter. His company was not officially registered to the office of the Consumer Protection due to the lack of necessary documentation to run a business. This means that all the transactions he made towards the customers were considered illegal.

    According to the complaint of the victims, Pasist used his mode of scam a few times over the years. He even used different false identities by changing his name a couple of times. As part of his fraud act, he sold bogus trip packages to Japan and offer it to thousands of unsuspecting Songkran travelers.

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    Taylor McKenzie News: Apartment Rent in Japan

    For years, complaints on apartment payment scams has been continuously rampant. Some are valid and agreeable fraud while some are basically ignorance of the economic function of the deposit and key money. Understanding their differences has a crucial role to ones awareness and immunity of getting conned.

    The deposit or shikikin (敷金) is a non-negotiable and refundable expense held in trust by the property owner as an initial part-payment to prevent the landlord from endorsing the property to someone else during an agreed period of time. As the landlord entrusts the tenant, the deposit will cover damages, repairs and other unmet conditions of the lease.

    On the other hand, key money or reikin (礼金) is a non-refundable fee which is basically an amount that an occupant gifts to the landlord. The practice started after the Kanto earthquake, and most properties are ruined. Since properties are few, giving key money will help the landlord to choose who to lend the place. Though Japan is restored and there are many properties available, key money can still be a part of the initial rent cost due to few good reasons. One is the demand based on the location and the condition and the other is to cover fees for the realtor.

    Usually the key money is similar to one month’s rent and may reach up to three months depending on the property size and quality.

    No all properties require both deposit and key money. Some properties may prefer key money than a deposit. Though key money is a cultural practice, it is false that it is necessary to all property owners.

    You may try negotiating or looking for a property that is appropriate to your finances. If you will be staying for more than a year, you may lower the key money by suggesting to pay a higher rent.

    Some try to avoid to pay the key money completely and ends up compromising to what is available. However, you may try to eye for a good place and watch your target reach its key money to a low level to the point where the landlord simply wants it occupied.

    For some, flexibility is fundamental for you may avoid paying key money and avail low rent by occupying shared houses as long as you are adaptive to living with other people who may have different schedules and house rules. You may also expand the location of your property search and not limiting to a station or area.

    Beware of hidden fees though and be sure you review the full initial cost. Some may not ask for key money but will have fees that may increase the rent. Give the landlord or realtors a call to schedule visiting their offices in person.

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     Kahli Park

    Taylor McKenzie Job Warning in Japan

    Attractive as it can be, earning while staying in one of the most successful countries may pose threats as well in forms of job scams.

    Contrary to our belief that Japan is an honest nation, some employers can be very deceiving. Foreigners who look for employment opportunities end up with physical and financial abuse from different breaches of contracts defined by the employers which can either be Japanese or U.S. businesses with a branch in Japan.

    Every job is different and so are their contracts. As the number of job hunters and travelers increase, defrauding recruiters and job placement agencies follows too.

    Here are few tips to spot on and avoid suspicious offers to live where the grass is greener:

    Always read and review the contract

    Every line, word and punctuation matters. Regardless how long the contract, ask for ample time to read it through and through. Fine prints are best considered in all situations.

    Equip yourself with the proper paperwork

    If you are planning to work, better secure a working visa before arriving the country. Have it planned ahead of time along with the signed work contract. Never consider a company that will not issue a contract. Make sure you get everything in to writing. This setup will benefit you a lot when it comes to immigration laws and it will protect you when you face troubles on your employment. Even bar entertainers and domestic aids are only allowed under a working visa.

    Do your homework

    Aside from the documents needed to work abroad, check thoroughly your employer. Legitimate companies have consistent contact information and will never use P.O. boxes.

    In cases of recruiters, verify and triple check their credentials if they are of good report. Check for references and reviews, skimming through news and searches online.

    Protect your personal information

    Aside from your birth certificate details, credit card and bank account information is essential information that you should never share to anyone. Learn to value your information from financial and identity theft.

    Legitimate companies will never ask to take hold of your travel documents. They may ask for a copy of some of it when you have signed a contract but they will never ask for the original.

    Know your rights

    It is also fundamental to equip yourself with information about the labor codes of Japan. No contract is exempted from the labor laws for it is the governing rule above all employers. If you are discerning something off, you may contact General Union for representation (by joining the union) or contact the Labor Standards Office for help in your issues. General Union will give clarity on inquiries about withholding pay, termination, maximum hours, notice for quitting, contract renewal or other matters involved in employment contracts.

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     Kahli Park

    Taylor McKenzie Warning: Japan Used Cars for Sale

    As much as the number of automobile manufacturers in Japan, so as to the number of used cars that are available for the market. Every month, these cars are exported to different parts of the world. Given the opportunity, online trades and auctions pave the way for efficient sales and economic advancement but along with it is the uprising risk of frauds.

    With the outstanding quality and cheapness of the legitimate cars, raises the demand across the globe and its reputation attracts crimes. From cars to dealers, documents to certificates, fakes are on the loose.

    To be not taken advantage of, make yourself knowledgeable on the basics of such scams.

    Online Transactions

    Using websites may be tricky but it is simple to verify. Check the car exporter site name and details such as a permanent address, email and office telephone. If possible call the numbers on the site and ask for police verification certificate and registration. You may check if the company is a member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA). Aside from knowing the purchase process and payment terms, inquire about the availability of their vehicles. This will give information if they are operating on a regular basis.

    Photos and Details

    Legitimate car dealers display tons of consistent pictures from different angles to showcase their cars. Not just to flaunt the beauty but to show the condition of the car from the interior to the exterior. With all the specifications and even the documents, trusted dealers are upfront.

    CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) Price

    Overall costing, shipping and clearing will be the total of the transaction costs. Make sure that you are transacting with a company that lets you choose your agent. Beware if you are being required to have the agent they recommended for this will limit your options on how much you will allot for the shipping.

    Buyer Protection Service

    As a buyer, look for those that offer “Buyer Protection Service” which will ensure your transaction has been seamless and the customer has been served to have the best experience. Trusted dealers also are of benefit from this service for it protects not just the buyer’s side but of selling company as well from criminal activities.

    Email and text messages

    Most scams frequently would not prefer to speak on the phone and would prefer to do the transactions via email and text messages. Always check the number (those starting with +81-80 or +81-90) or email for authenticity, some scams may use official looking email addresses. See the message if it is poor in grammar or spelling and if there are inconsistencies. If the sender is asking for your details, such as your full name, address, birth date and financial credentials, and even asks for you to wire money, refuse the deal by deleting the email and mark it as a spam to prevent future references.

    With all these in mind, stay wary and on the look out for your email inboxes and your transaction.

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     Kahli Park

    Taylor McKenzie: Trip to Japan Travel Offers

    Every day, hundreds of travelers book a trip to Japan, as well as other tourist spots in the world. Since traveling is truly enjoyable, a lot of travelers use the internet to search different affordable travel deals online.

    Using the internet is undeniably convenient to many people, not just for travelers. With only just a few clicks or touch on the mobile screen, anyone can find the information they are looking for. However, even with the swift search results it provides, there are still downsides to using the online means for searching travel offers. Travelers that use online means are at risk of getting involved in fraud activities.

    Pointing out fraud travel offers online
    It is not bad to use the internet to look for some good travel packages. What makes it wrong is the online criminals that take advantage of naïve travelers who just want to have an affordable and nice travel package.

    The authorities have received several complaints due to the surge of fraud travel offers that can be found online. There are different modes of how the criminals behind the scam work. However, their main goal is to lure the travelers to avail their offers. They usually provide an attractive list of an itinerary and other options included in the travel package. They may say that the accommodation is discounted or with free buffet breakfast, free transfers, and other add-ons.

    The criminals behind the fraud travel offer take advantage of the innocent travelers. Having to deal with scammers can ruin your trip to Tokyo, Japan or anywhere else. They trick the interested customers to spend their money on upgrades and other add-ons which only causes unnecessary charges. Instead of getting discounts, the victims were left broke due to the accumulated extra fees charged by the swindlers.

    To prevent any travel scam from happening to you, avoid making transactions that you aren’t sure of. Travel deals can be very enticing, especially if it promises to give nice perks. However, it is better to review the terms and conditions of the offer before giving in.

    Being vigilant is also important to help you in avoiding getting tricked online. Fraudsters may do what it takes just to get the consideration of their probable customer. Another good tip is not clicking suspicious links you may have received from unknown travel agents. If you already opened the link, do not give out your personal details yet. It is essential to check all the details of the offer for you to know the legitimacy and avoid getting into fraud transactions.

    To avoid fraudulent travel deals, seek the services of legitimate travel agencies such as Taylor McKenzie. The tourism boards give a warning to all travelers to be mindful of the travel deals you see online before agreeing to take it.

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     Kahli Park

    Taylor McKenzie: What To Do To Avoid Travel Scam

    Tourism is one of the biggest industry not only in Japan but also in other nations with rich cultures and great traditions. There are a lot of tourists who book a trip to their preferred destination. Traveling is a nice way to unwind and have fun.

    Despite having completed the documents required and other things you need for travelling, do you think you’re ready to face the challenges if ever you got involved in a scam? Although it may seem easy to settle the things needed for your trip, anyone is still at risk of being victimized by swindlers pretending as travel agents. The international immigration always gives a warning to all the travelers when purchasing any travel package tours in agencies or even online.

    Be alert
    Any scam can come in different form and ways. It can be in a form of travel offers, award, and other techniques to lure people to purchase. It often happens to people when they least expect it.

    The travelers are usual targets of illegal companies and scammers. Having been ripped off by tricksters can absolutely give a bad experience to any tourist. Getting involved in a scam can make the tourists feel anxious and trapped. There are also people with bad motives that do fraud activities instead of helping the travelers to enjoy their trip.

    For travelers, especially for first-timers, it is better to know how to avoid any travel scam. Travelers must be careful when accepting travel offers from suspicious travel agencies or agents. Instead of getting a good travel deals to Japan or any preferred tourist destination, what may happen can be the other way around. There are many fraud travel agents that imitates how the legitimate ones operate. The people behind some scam can successfully trick travelers to give them money. It is important for travelers to immediately file a complaint in case they were victimized by fraud promotions or illegitimate travel offers.

    All travelers must know how to avoid the deceiving activities which can lead to extortion of money or fraud transactions. It is better to get only the services of legitimate agencies to avoid getting into fraud activities.

    Check the customer’s review
    Reading customer review and feedback can also help travelers to know the reliability of the services given by any travel agency and its agents. People can search for different websites that allow the customers post their feedback and review about a certain company.

    Those type of websites can help travelers in getting to know the company’s credibility. Past customers and clients can leave their positive or negative review which they experience when they seek the services of a particular travel agent. Social media network such as Facebook is a nice website to check the company’s rating to help people in avoiding travel-related scam.

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    Taylor McKenzie: A Fraud Trip Offer to Japan

    Isn’t it nice to win a travel spree to Japan, Singapore, Spain or other travel-worthy countries? However, the trip wouldn’t be an enjoyable one if it isn’t a legitimate travel award.

    Travelling is a leisure activity that can bring happiness to any individual. But it could turn into a disaster if the chance to travel is just a part of a scam. Tourism boards from various countries released a warning statement for cautionary measures to both local and international travelers about the fraudulent offers.

    There were certain reports of a scam that troubled a lot of travelers. The victims were made to believe that they won thousands of dollars’ worth of travel spree. Those who frequently travel or planning to go on a vacation should be aware of this fraud offer before agreeing to take it.

    Rip-off travel offers
    According to the complaint of the victims, they received an online message which told them that won a thousand worth of travel spree. This travel offer comes in a form of pop-up message. The scam involves getting all the necessary personal details of the victims.

    The victims were also requested to give out their phone number so they can claim the prize. After a few minutes, the people behind the scam calls the numbers that were given by the victims. A lot of travelers are at risk of this kind of fraud because they are enticed to claim the award immediately so they won’t miss their chance.

    About the scam
    Since the victims were obliged to redeem their prize, they were lured to open a link to a website that shows the itinerary for the travel package they supposed to win. Once the link is clicked, a form that needs to be filled out shall be filled with the required details. The travel date, flight details, and other information regarding the travel itinerary should also be answered. The victims were deceived to have a chance to go on a trip to Japan which is one of the famous tourist spots.

    The criminals behind the fraud travel offer take advantage of the victim’s willingness to redeem their prize. They fooled the travelers to spend more dollars on airfare and unnecessary upgrades for the accommodation. They even offer other travel package options that require additional fees.

    They entice the travels to finish the transaction by telling about the supposed worth of the package. The travelers were made to believe that they are getting great deals and big discounts on the offer. It all sounds very good, especially to naïve travelers who just want to enjoy the time they will be spending on their vacation. The victims were unaware of the money they were losing because they spent more than the actual worth of the travel package.