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Looking for a job in Egypt

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Hello all, My name is Julia (38) from Romania. I am searching for a job, full time or part time that does not matter for me. I am single and living in Romania. I have graduated in the field of Horticulture at the Faculty of Environment, my PhD is on Plant cell and tissue cultures / Biotechnology, my position of the previous work was as gardener engineer in an Botanical Garden, University of Oradea, Romania from 2001-2008, then I was secretary at the Faculty of Textiles and Leatherworks between 2008-2014 at the University of Oradea, and from march 17 2014 until now I work as an Erasmus officer at the International Relations Department I'm handling incoming Erasmus students in our university. Beside the paper works I handled for incoming students, I handle all secretary and office work and e-mailing with the contacts from all foreign institutes. It was very similar like a secretary. Since I have very good language, office, IT skills I would like to extend my skills abroad, and even in research field I would like to try my luck to find any similar job in my field as well in plant cell and; tissue cultures, I have many scientific articles already published, I made my translations by myself and I was collaborating with many peoples to write articles even books, preparing students for degrees as well. In my practice PhD stage I went to Italy in Rovigo for 3 months where I did trained 2 technicians for micropropagation of Cannabis sativa and Stevia rebaudiana, using our multiplying methods, getting very positive feedbacks as well. I do not talk well and write at all in arabic at the moment; my level in english is fluent. Because I do not find here a job relating my field, I hope to find it in your country mostly because I am attracted to arabic countries and I would like to settle down there as well. Currently I do not know in which area could I work here as I have never worked in abroad before mostly not in Egypt. :)
If you are searching for a reliable and skillful work mate then do not hesitate to contact with me.
If you do not own a company but maybe you can help me to find work also waiting for the feedbacks.
Thank you.

  • fady fadlallah

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    sunt avocato romanilor aici , si sper sa nevedem sa vorbim , probabil eu poate sa te ajut

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  • Wail Ali

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    we have a job for you in real estate marketing if you are interesting pls contact us 01224514721

  • basem moahmed

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    Hello, \i am basem 30 years old, i work in IT field as Senior Account Manager & i think can support you for find a full time job ,i need you to send you CV for this E-MAIL:
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  • Farouk Nageeb

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