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  • Ameh Emma
     Ameh Emma

    Hello friends, my contract will end in three months time and I will really love to move from my company.
    can any one give me a reputable company here in Kuwait that I can apply in?
    I work here as a customer service. but initially my profession is a secretary.
    pls be kind and advise.

  • Ameh Emma
     Ameh Emma

    hi friends, i am pleading for u to shear this with me. I really want to lean driving and to obtain a Kuwaiti driving licence.
    actually i can drive but not to well.
    can some one tell me the procedure to enrol into the driving school here or having a waster that can give me the driving licence?
    if i can get a waster, the better 4 me
    pls advise.

  • Ameh Emma
     Ameh Emma

    I am not looking for a boy friend or a husband as some of you are thinking. I just need only some one to teach me how to drive and i will pay in KD as i said before. ok?
    thanks for understanding.