• Lola Green

    Health insurance in Spain

    โพสต์โดย  Lola Green  ใน ห้องสนทนา สเปน 

    Hello Melissa! My personal recommendation is to get a "re-embolso" insurance. They are more complete than the basic ones. Basic ones are very cheap but have many limitations, specially for expats. I looked into Sanitas Blua, Adeslas reembolso, Cigna reembolso, Mapfre Reembolso, Sanitas Más 90, Sanitas Premium 500, Adeslas extra. Eventually we went for one called DKV Mundisalud as it looked slightly better, and we have been quite happy so far. It provides full medical coverage with no copayments within their "cuadro medico" - like the cheaper ones- but additionally we can choose to go private to out-of-network doctors and we get a reimbursement of 80% of the cost + it covers more things than the cheap ones. We wanted to have this option as our Spanish is not great -and need to be able to choose our doctor-, and also to get more personalised care from the doctors. I hope this helps! L