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    Hi ,
    Since your wife has got a visa and work permit you will also recieve exactly the same status as your wife .So long she is legally working ,registered and have accomondation where you will live with her .You will get a visa to stay .
    You will need to get a job first to enabble you get a working permit .All you will need is a working contract from an employer that you will work for him /her.
    The Employer will apply for your work permit in Lux.
    It job is one of the easiest jobs you can get in Luxembourg ,but you have to start searching before you come over . Go on line and check out Amazon recruitment section ,check out with skype , Real player , and lots more their headquaters are all in Luxembourg.There are lots of IT companies and Banks in Luxembourg .You could be lucky to get hired .

    The best thing to do is to search online before comming down to Luxembourg.Check out and register with this web site .They will send you emails of jobs posting in Luxembourg
    Register with www.job.lu

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