Michael Asthalter


Michael Asthalter
 Michael Asthalter
Currently in Germany, but discussing to move to Oman or UAE.
Şurada yaşıyorum:
German, English
Arkadaşlar, Randevu, İş bağlantıları
Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates



Law, Marketing, Coaching
Çalışma alanı:
Tourism Industry (individual and guided camper tours)
CEO - RV + Caravan Industry
Önceki Kariyer:
Sales Marketing + Trade Fair Management, Quality Management, Equine Training + Communication with Body and Mind (REP-Concept), Operational Controlling


  • Michael Asthalter
     Michael Asthalter

    Hello together,
    I'm Michael, a seasoned German, currently still in Berlin/Germany but working on a permanent move to Oman by 2014 - and: I like almost any kind of outdoor activities.
    I wish to connect to similar-minded people: outgoing open-minded folks with social, cultural and environmental awareness, locals who are enthusiastic about Oman's cultural heritage and its multiple facets in landscape.

    Based on my private favor and extensive professional expertise I consider setting up a tourist concept unparalleled in this area: exploring Oman by rental RV's. It will not just be legally mandatory but yet more important my personal strategy to establish close co-operations with professionals out of international tourism and local automobile business. Creating new job opportunities will be a major aspect of this project.

    I plan visiting Muscat in late 2013 and look forward to meet many of you. I appreciate any insiders' advice which might help to smooth the way for getting socially settled in and well adapted to the new community.
    Thanks everybody !