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Why is it so hard to make friends in Switzerland??

پوسٹڈ ان سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم

Is it just me or is it really hard to find some people in Switzerland who are willing to make good friends with you (especially to foreigners)??
I've been there for only 6 months and I heard you need at least 3 months to completely settle down there so maybe I've been there just too short...what do you think?

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  • mariann b

    پوسٹڈ بايئ  انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    come on, I'm quite open-minded - during office hours! ;-) or try ronorp.net - it's in german for most cities, but there's an english version for zurich. the newsletter lists events that are not too mainstreamy, and since switzerland is a very small country, you'll soon start bumping into the people from the last concert/exhibition/whatever. then all you do is start conversation with 'haven't I seen at this thing and what did you think?' - or something of the kind.

  • ali mohajer

    پوسٹڈ بايئ  انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    Is it just me or is it really hard to find some people in Switzerland who are willing to make good friends with you (especially to foreigners

  • Viktoria Björklund

    پوسٹڈ بايئ  انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    I would say it is very hard to get to know somebody in switzerland on your own. My boyfriend has intreduced me to some of hes friends and that makes it alot easier. But there still have been times when we have been at dinners with his friends for hours and i keep trying to talk to them but they totally ignore me and just talk very fast in swissgerman with eatchother.. But im not giving up because i know that everyone in one country cant be the same and ive also meet some really nice swiss people. Anyways if anyone around bern would like to take a coffe or something be sure to let me know:)

    (and excuse my english writing its terrible)

  • Maximo G.

    پوسٹڈ بايئ  انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    I am not exactly that kind of just landed but after 3 years things have just slightly improved compared to the first 3 months. Last Friday I got offered a beer by an unknown person for the first time (by the way it was a dj at the Luna).. can you believe that? In Paris it took 3 days, when I first entered a pub in st michel; and I still keep in contact with those guys and still have fun when I see them.. That said, yes the Swiss environment is not exactly the best place to meet up with people from scratch but it's their country and life-style and if I were a Swiss I would probably enjoy it; but I am not (Swiss)... I understand you when you say "I am the only one who stays! its terrible". I am starting to think that this is the expat's destiny; you stay and your friends leave, your friends leave and you stay, like a sort of "highlander".. "There's no time for us, there's no place for us". Cheers.

  • ekin senturk

    پوسٹڈ بايئ  انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    when i arrived here for 3 months i cried everyday. i had no friends, no language, no internet at home!!! i was homestayin with and 80 years old lady, we couldnt understand each other, evrything was terrible.
    but with the time, at language school, i made some friends. but still i have problems, cause all of my friends from german speaking part of switzerland, and they are comint to lausanne for just couple of months, then they leave. so all of my friends are temporary. i am the only one who stays! its terrible!
    its so obvious that swiss people are not easy to be friens. but indeed, after spending so much time with them, they are as friendly as the other countries citizens. its just you need some time, they dont get used to people quickly.
    in general i can say that they never refuse you invite them drink couple of beers, or going lakeside all together, try it! that kind of cosy places makes you easily communicate.

  • Linda .

    پوسٹڈ بايئ  انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    Hello Everybody,
    I am living in Geneva for more than 1 year and looking for new friends. I have just found this topic and I'm very happy to see these many members!
    I am working in the legal area and learning French…but it is not an easy language, so I would prefer English first.
    I am opened to speak about almost everything, to discuss our experiences, the good shopping places :-) and to have a coffee or tea sometimes.
    Thanks, Linda

  • Mansal D

    پوسٹڈ بايئ  انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    Well they aren't all unwelcoming (if what you say is true) because your husband has married you and (I presume) loves you very much!

    Just keep trying - if one person does not wish to speak to you much, then don't. Move on to another reasonable person. There are millions, you know? ;-)

  • Mansal D

    پوسٹڈ بايئ  انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    Depends where you live, but it would benefit you to learn one of the major languages (German, Italian, French). Picking up bits of the other ones shouldn't hurt either.

    Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber ich versuche ;-)

    Tschüss, Mansal

  • جائیں اس یوزر کےMary G's پروفائل پر

    پوسٹڈ بايئ  انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    So you are happy living there?

  • پوسٹڈ بايئ یوزر کو ڈیلیٹ کر دیا گیا ہے انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    Hey guys!
    Now as I read your replies, it seems to me like all my friends who told me about their more or less bad experience in Switzerland was just because they stayed there too shortly (maybe). Or it was their Italian temper scaring them all off in the first place ;)


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