Rk Lama

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Rk Lama
 Rk Lama
میں رہنا:
Lisbon (Portugal)
آپ ڈھونڈ رھے ہیں:
دوست , ڈیٹنگ, پزنس کانٹیکٹس
Poland, Romania, Lisbon, Algarve, Porto, Lagos


Art, Cooking, Music, Basketball, Hey everyone… I’m arriving in Lisbon. I’m hoping to meet nice people. Does anyone know of good places to meet new people in Lisbon ? Anyone interested in making a new friend? I need to find a flat share as soon as possible and I have no idea how to go about doing it, except. Any ideas? I'm also looking for a job in the Lisbon. Look forward to hearing from some of you. Thanks! Rk Lama Lisbon.
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  • Rk Lama
     Rk Lama

    Looking to meet people and make some friends. I want to learn Portuguese, so I'd be happy to find a language exchange partner too!