Tomas Stifner

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Tomas Stifner
 Tomas Stifner
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پزنس کانٹیکٹس
Italy, İstanbul

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  • Tomas Stifner
     Tomas Stifner

    GünaydınMy name is Tomas Stifner and I am from Slovakia. I am serious, responsible and hard working, with good communication skills, open-minded for all new and friendly person. I have no problem to adapting quickly, to new work ambient and situations. I finished Electrotechnics College: school- leaving certificate and a vocational diploma ( maturity exam ) study specialization: goldsmith and jeweler with praxis. I worked in UK - London, and at present I liv and work in Itali almost 10 years. I have long experience like a Photographer, graphics designer, videomaker. I worked like a receptionist and long time like a hotel maintanance… I can speak English, Italian, Czech, Slovak fluently, understand and communicate Polish and I start to study Turkish on my free time. I'm looking for a job in Istanbul or Antalya , no matter what type of business, it is essential that can do the job that is not caused by working skills. If you would like any information abut me (CV, my photo), please contact me on my email: [...] or Italian phone numb.: 0039 327 677 3569... If someone can help me, pleas I will be grateful, for any other informations, ebout other free jobs in Istanbul or Antalia.Thank you Tomas.