Victoria Donnelly

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Victoria Donnelly
 Victoria Donnelly
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Hello folks im Eden and my husband and I just landed,haha, in Essen, i speccially miss brittish culture as my husband is from Scotland and we lived there for many many years, if there is anyone from UK, please let me know would be great to have someone to speak in english!
میں رہنا:
Essen (Germany)
English, Spanish
آپ ڈھونڈ رھے ہیں:
Germany, Essen


Cooking, Volunteer/Community Activities, Aerobics, Dancing, I really enjoy taking my baby for walks, have something to eat here and there.
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any kind
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Rocky IV, Billie Elliot
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جو چیزیں مجہے پسند ھیں:
Zara(the shop), cava, KFC
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  • Victoria Donnelly
     Victoria Donnelly

    chicos soy Victoria, si hay alguna madre con hijos que quisiera pasar el rato en un parque para que ellos convivan estoy mas que puesta!