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Berlin Expats : Pool (Scottish Rules) : Monthly Meetup

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Berlin Expats : Pool (Scottish Rules) : Monthly Meetup

Next Meet 15th March 2015 @ 4pm

Please join us for our monthly Sunday to play pool (Billiards), its just for fun so all levels of skill at pool are welcome, i'll book at least 3 tables at the pool hall, maybe more, everyone chips in for the tables.

There are also poker tables at the venue!

I suggest playing Scottish Rules Pool as the games go quicker and means more people can play.

This is just for fun!

the Tables cost 4.50 euro per hour so we all chip in for that, everyone pays there own drinks, keep it simple.

The Venue :

Billard House
Rudolfstraße 1-8
10245 Berlin

Please also check out out Meet Up page :

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