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Tendel wangchuk
 Tendel wangchuk
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  • Tendel wangchuk
     Tendel wangchuk

    "No tense, No worries and No desire.... Keeps you a smile or happiness on your beautiful face" Do you agree my statement? Why? Please comment above statement or send mail to me [...]

  • Tendel wangchuk
     Tendel wangchuk

    i am found of making new friends, let me know and send mail to me, [...]

  • Tendel wangchuk
     Tendel wangchuk

    I am form Bhutan, the land of paradise; even it is known as the land of thunder dragon where gross national happiness is a key indicator of development. Whatever govt plan, they plan for people's happiness’ and more over it is vision for our fourth Durk Gyelpo, King Jigme Singye Wangchuk. Where our kind consider happinese is people's assits. if people are happy, govt. are happy and gradually development take place along with happiness’.
    These days, people tend to forget their smiles as if something is going out of mouth, atlas they get buried beneath the soil where he earning is in vain, he cannot take anything, not even a nail, living behind everything. So sad to say, so therefore, make world better place to live and be happy always. My country is really looking for happiness of the people. There is a story in related to the GNH.
    Long long ago, there was a man who makes his living by catching the fish from the pond. the pond was full of fish. He was always lying near by pond pond and catches only the required number of fish for his daily consumption. one fine day one of his friend came near by him.
    "What are you doing here" he asked.
    "i am sleeping" a man answered.
    "Don’t sleep, pond is full of fish" he said
    "Why?" a man asked.
    "Catch the fish as much as you can" he suggested.
    "Why i have to catch many fish?" a man asked.
    "Because you can sell and earn a lot of money" he said.
    "What will i do with that money?" a man asked
    “you will become rich and live peacefully" he said.
    " what am i doing now?" a man asked
    "you are sleeping!!!!" He exclaimed.
    “That is what I am enjoying peacefulness" a man said.
    His friend left with speechless after hearing this.
    No worry, No tense and No desire....... makes people happy!
    "Be contented what we have"
    This is a simple illustration of Gross National Happiness concept.

  • Tendel wangchuk
     Tendel wangchuk


  • Tendel wangchuk
     Tendel wangchuk

    be smile to other, it cost nothing.