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Cohabitation - Samenwoning contract

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Hello there,
Is there anyone among you that can enlighten me about Cohabitation? For the moment I live in Belgium and with my Belgian partner we will apply for cohabitation. But still the cohabitation procedure will not be finished before my residence permission ends. So between,I wont have an valid identity card for 2 weeks of so. The first rule; they told us, that we have to live in the same address and we do live in the same address but when we have to present our documents and when they see that my identity card is not valid anymore, will it be a problem? if any of u has an experience or safe knowledge, I ll be so glad to be informed.
Thank you

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  • Nim Sarsha Estorninos

    Cohabitation Visa

    posted by  Nim Sarsha Estorninos in Belgium forum 

    Cohabitation visa is being applied at Belgian embassy in Philippines, in the first place. Once approved, you will process this "samenwonend contract" (legal partnership, same as marriage contract but no witness and you can limit the expiration date whenever you dont want your partner anymore) at the nearest "gemeente" (city hall) where your partner lives in Belgium as soon as possible. You will first bear an "orange card" or also called "registration card.

    "Orange card" is normally valid for 1 year. Before it expires, you will receive an "F card" ( I can read your mind, its not f**k card" but it is also called "residence card valid for 5 years.)

    Note: Orange card is not valid to travel in Europe, it is only valid in Belgium. Once you go out of Belgium by car, pray to whoever your god is, that you will not be caught, otherwise you are in problem.
    Embassy requirements:
    Requirements of embassy, at least 2 yrs you know each other, at least you and your partner were 45 days together in one year, and many other documents. Kindly check the site. Submit all the possible proof of relationship like decent pictures during vacation together, pictures with family like wedding, birthdays etc (showing the bond between your bf and your family), plane, hotel and bus in all. I had like 10 kilos of papers submitted to them.

    If you have property, payslips or savings in your account, give them also a copy. It's not a requirement but it will serve as supporting documents. visa was denied. Why

    In Belgium, the law says only 1 year of meeting your partner and you have been together for at least 45 days, then you can apply for cohabitation. So, we sued the embassy to the court right after we found out the result of my cohab visa. It was my bf who took a lawyer here in Belgium. We gave to the lawyer all the documents we submitted to the embassy before. After 2 weeks, there was already a result. We won the case. Finally!!! The embassy just sent me an email that my visa has been approved.

    If you have any question, just sent me an email. I'll be happy to share info. For consultation, only 50€. Just kidding!!!

    I wish you all a successful visa application!


  • Ice Mist

    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    I would like to know about what rights will someone get if they are granted a cohabitation visa/samenowing contract.

    I know that a foreigner partner of a Belgian gets to travel to the other Schengen countries but my questions are:
    - Will that cohabitation visa be for multiple entries? Like the foreigner partner can leave and come back to Belgium anytime that she wants while the visa is valid? (And it's renewable every 5 years, am I right?)
    - What other traveling rights does the foreigner partner get?

  • kalsang choedon

    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    I came to belgium 1 yr ago but my refugee status was rejected and my orange card is taken by commune..can anybody tell me tat if I gt married to my boyfrd (who habe 5 yrs of residence permit and is a accepted refugee here in belgium)..does tat give me orange card and work permit? ? What should I do? I went to see a lawyer and she said tat cohabitation or samen wonig will not give me any paper...a frd of mine came here through her husband but she have identity card but no work permit.what should I do?

  • Ivy Lunzaga

    Cohabitation visa

    posted by  Ivy Lunzaga in Belgium forum 

    Hello guys! I am from Philippines and bf is from Belgium, we're in a relationship almost 2 years this coming august, he visited me two times and he is coming back this coming november.. do you think i can apply cohabitation visa? I am 19 years old and my bf is turning 25.... hope to hear from you!

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    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    Hmm to have face procedure here i will just ask you why did you waited so long before going to the townhall to register?If you go there with your boyfriend they will of course give you an orange card after one week and BIJLAGE 19 TER.You will have to wwait up to 6 months like everybodyto get your 5 years card.they will come to your house to check if it's a real relationship based on love they can be annoying sometimes they more you can proove you have been together in a loving relationship the better it is.Normally you do not need a lawyer for that.even if your visa has won't be easy.what are lawyers doing?They are respected nothing more and people from the townhall are just clueless and once they see a lawyer they start taking you serious.But normally with your Boyfriend having a decent job and a place where both of you can live and do not depend on social security it will be Okay let me know.i got my 5yrs card only with a european kid and by myself thx to God :)

  • Ton Bakker

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    Is it possible to go back for some time to th Phillipines?I don't think cohabitation will be granted, and you face the risk you will get a 5 yr ban to enter Belgium[or any EC country].Ao better start again, or marry at the Phillies.Good luck , and we keep our fingers crossed.

  • Lai Bentik

    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    Hi everyone-- i am Lai, originally from the Philippines. My visa was expired already last year and me and my belgian boyfriend would like to apply for cohabitation. But we are so scared that the government or the law won't grant our request or won't let me stay here because my visa was already expired.

    We are planning to apply on July.


    How much time will it takes for us to wait for the answers

    And how much will it cost

    Do we need to have a lawyer

    Is it also possible for me to stay here with him?

    Thank you

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    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    Hello!! I am with my bf for 3 years almost we know each other since 3.5. I am still studying in Czech for next 2.5 year but i am already thinking about possibility of getting Belgian citizenship, is there possibility to start process now when i am still studying in Czech Republic?? Thanks

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    I would like to tell you i got my bijlage 19 ter and my kid the 19 as en european.Thanx to God that sent me to that lawyer Mieke van de Broeck . She is unfortunally not taking pro-deo files.But she is good.Very good.I went first to a jurist that wanted to let me ask a permit based on humatarian reason and then to do the bijlage 19 ter.But in flandre and brabant they don't want foreigners and went you go there alone to ask for that they said to me first no you are not european they can't register me on behalve of my kid. Next time i had to go to ministerie thye can't do anything but after my lawyer sat them 5 min everything went fast.So i will advice ppl to with papers issues without a Belgian/ european partner either to go and live in Brussels wich is more opened but not "Brussels town"(1000 Brussel ).town like scaerbeek Molenbeek ++ are more opened cause more foreigners settled there already.So in Brussels its easier to get ur registration when you are not having someone (partner).Anw with an european child you are all the rights to stay as parents.
    Wish me luck and good luck to everyone

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    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    Emmanuel Merman i don't know anything about this i am even myself in a complicated situation.So at my townhall the stupid employer that i found there refuge to take my registration into account saying that i can not register as a member of the familly of a citizen of the EU as the european is my child and my child should register on my adress.and i am not european.What ridiculuous she even had to ask her collegue for that.I came in Belgium and a jurist send them a request on the 9 bis wich they sent back saying thatit has to be re-writed in dutch.That lawyer only speaks english.So i am paying 2 months rent for not even being register.Kruispunt is the most stupid organisation ever.They only provide advices by phone they told me.i called several time and got a big telephone bills because of them i never received any advice from them.

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