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    Hallo Martin..

    I was reading this discussion and thought that I would join.. I am also looking for a cheap mobile provider but I need one for cheaper sms.. I want to be able to send sms to Asia frequently..I actually prefer one with Vertrag..but the problem is that it is really hard to find one under 24 months..because i will stay in Germany maximum 1 year..
    So..if u could help me find..either:
    -one prepaid with cheapest rate for call..sms..and internet
    -mit Vertrag (but) for one year with flat-rate for call.. sms..and internet..but what's most important for me is..cheap mobile internet..and cheap sms also to Asia..and cheap calls for inside Germany only..hopefully..u can help me out..
    Danke sehr.. Tscüss!!

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