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Visas for Hong Kong

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My boyfriend got a job offer in Hong Kong for a few months and I'm thinking of going with him. He gets his residence and work permit from his company, but how can I get them (especially the residence permit)? Can the company manage that for me, too?

Thanks, Charlotte

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    Thanks Douglas, now I'm a bit relieved again ;)
    It's ok for me not to work there, as I won't stay that long anyway.
    And I'll check out that website, thanks!


  • Douglas White

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    Hello, Charlotte. For starters, it is normally very easy to get a visitors visa for Hong Kong (which won't allow you to work or to become a resident).

    This website has lots of info, and once here, the immigration dept is actually very efficient and helpful.

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    Hi Adele. I think I'll have to settle that on my own. But isn't it very difficult to get a visa? I didn't look for any information till now, as I thought the company would arrange everything :-(

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    Hi Charlotte! I think it really depends on the company, but as you and you're boyfriend are not married yet, they may refuse to do the paperwork for you.
    Your boyfriend should ask them, and if they're not willing to manage this, just go to your Chinese embassy and get a visa on your own ;)


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