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UAE's driving license

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Hi Guys,

Please advise me on the procedures for converting UAE's driving license to Kuwait's driving license.

Warm regards,

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    Hi, i had Kuwait residence visa, i want to get Kuwait driving license,i had U A E license

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    can anyone advise me on what are the procedures of getting a Kuwait drivers license when i already possess a UAE drivers license.The issue is i have UAE residence visa and i have recently got a Kuwait residency aswell because of a job we have in kuwait.Currently im having both UAE and Kuwait residence visas,but only one drivers license which is UAE drivers license.Please advise me on the procedures i need to follow inorder to be able to drive legally in Kuwait

  • smartcochi .

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    Housewives can only get license, if they prove that they have school going children. You can convert UAE license. If you have any plan to go back to UAE in few years time, then dont surrender UAE license(Since UAE license is more tough to get). Apply for a fresh one here.

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    Not sure what are the regulation. However, Kuwait apply restrictions based on the profession.

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    hi i am moving from dubai to kuwait with my husband and will be therefore sponsored by mu husband. I am not working but am a house wife. i have a UAE license.

    will i be able to convert my UAE license to Kwt license and if yes what is the process.

    any help will be highly appreciated


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    hi guys...

    the above discussion very related to me now.

    i'm holding a valid UAE residence visa & Driving Licence. Now i've finished the visa procedure in kuwait also and need to have kuwait license. i've been driving in kuwait for the last 1 year during VISIT with UAE licence by taking additional insurance 10KD per month.

    so please help me to know the best way of getting it.

    note: i'm not ready to surrender my dubai license as am a frequent flyer to UAE also.


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    hey guys

    finally got my papers signed by the main guy (brigadier). it was a ngihtmare! i 1st went on tuesday...after waiting for 2 hrs, they said he is busy ,come tomorrow. so went back next day arnd 7:30am and stayed there till 11am. there were only arnd 5-6 ppl waiting for signature. same story...he did not sign even one paper. he was busy so we were asked to come next day. i was gettin irritated now,,seriously! was my need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so wentr back next day AGAIN ..arnd 7am...stayed till 12:30pm in the afternoon, and FINALLY the officer agreed to sign papers! it signed! now need to go to ahamdi on sunday , go for an eye test and they will iusse my kuwait licence. .oh btw, they took my oman license there and gave me the signed papers back.

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    hey guys, got my sponsor's signature along with 3 papers from sponsor and went to the jabriya dept. went to the 7th floor, got it checked and signed by an officer. went to 6th floor, got it signed by the secretary to the main officer. went to the 1 floor (or 2nd floor i think) and got it signed by the main officer. he adviced to go to asma trafic dept and get it signed by the higher rank officer. (i suppose this is the big guy) and later i cna ahead to my local muroor (ahmadi) and ask them to issue a license after eye test.

    lets see whats in for me in ASMA!!!!!! any doubts do drop in a message, guys!

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    oh btw..rends daniel...gues we both our in the same profession on work now im worried also!!!!!!!!!! but as per the laws, certain professions can apply for driving license imm on arrival to kuwiat. but certain other prfessions (like ours) needs to complete 2 years of residence in kuwait and only then apply (with the assumption that we meet the minimum salary bracket)

    have you completed 2 yrs of residence in kuwiat as of now?

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    hi rends daniel,

    i got my NOC from trafiic dept and went to the ahmadi trafiic dept.they directed me to Asma trafiic dept. 1st thing they asked for my attested deg cert. so i had to send it back to india for attestation.took em a month almost. meanwhile, to be on safe side, i send my NOC back to oman for attestating at their foreign affairs and the kuwiat embasy. with all docs i went back to Asma trafic dept yesterday. the guy n the top floor had a look at my docs. my salary was shwoing kd 550/-.he said all docs r in place. i now need to fill the application form, tk it back to my sponsor for signature and then take it to the Jabriya trafiic dept. apprently my role ends there. they said, the Jabriya dept will forward my file to shuwaik office and i will get a call from shuwaik office. this is my status...and to be honest im not really comfortable with the idea of submiting my docs at some dept waiting for them to forward at their own swet time. any inputs anyone?????

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