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    Cost of Living

    posted by  Shisha Shisha in Kuwait forum 

    As Diane mentioned, school fees are high here depending on the age of your child-- private kindergartens can set you back 1000 KD easily!

    2 bedroom apartments in Salmiya cost about 350KD and higher in a nice safe area. One bedroom, not so-nice areas are about 170 KD and up. Oh and you usually pay an extra 10 KD or so for the superintendent of the building (Hariss) to take out the trash , etc.

    Groceries for a family of 3 -- easy about 100 KD/month minimum

    Taxi-- from Salmiya to another place in Salmiya-- 1 KD
    Taxi -- from Salmiya to Salwa -- 1.5 KD
    Taxi-- from Salmiya to Shuwaikh--Kuwait City -- 2 KD
    Taxi-- from Salmiya to Ahmadi -- 4 KD
    Taxi -- from Salmiya to Fintas -- 2.5 KD

    Coffee and snack/cake for 2 persons in any American coffee shop -- minimum 6 KD
    Sultan Center Restaurant on the Gulf Mid-range buffet breakfast for 2 persons -- 9 KD
    Sultan Center Restaurant on the Gulf --Mid-range buffet lunch/dinner for 2 persons -- 15 KD
    Shawarma and sandwich shops -- takeaway -- cheap -- 3 KD-- sandwich/fries/drinks for 2 persons

    200 Fils per ticket on public bus within Salmiya -- do not recommend for wife and child unless during daylight hours and main routes only -- possible harassment by teenage hooligans-- although bus drivers try not to pick them up -- there's always a chance you'll end up in a bus with some of them.

    Depends on your position with Al-Shaya-- management at Al-Shaya are offered accomodation allowance, school fees paid for their kids completely or up to 75% of the tuition cost, transportation allowance. but from the western expats i've encountered here in Kuwait -- everyone is different depending on their position and their bargaining .

    I should also add that all Al-Shaya employees that I know get a 20% discount in all Al-Shaya owned restaurants and stores and some that are higher up get 30% and those that are even higher get the 30% discount extended to their accompanying spouses.

    Good Luck in making a decision!

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