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unmarried co-habitiation

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If this has been posted previously, forgive me. Can anyone tell me the guidelines on co-habitation in Kuwait of unmarried couples? My boyfriend is teaching English and I am a nurse. He is suggesting that I can find employment in Kuwait and he and I, along with my 13 year old son would be able to live together. I personally have been under the impression that this is not acceptable in an Islamic country. I also thought there would be punishment or imprisonment for this. He is telling me that it is common practice and as long as it isn't being publicly flaunted it is ok ....any experience or input would be appriciated.

And would the same be true for a visit? If I were to come to Kuwait to visit for a week or two, would I be able to stay with him in his complex or would i have to stay alone at a hotel?

  • Basil Al Alami

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    You can manage that in furnished apartment , or just make out some papater that says you are married and give it to the guard.
    this can be the first plact to begin until you find a building where you can stay togather in a place without having to worry about the marrgige certificate.

    However , when it comes to renting apartment or staying in hotel it is not allowed and not easy at all.

    so the easiest thing to do is just make fake marriage certificate you can present it to renting place at the time of hiring the apartment , and do it share this info with guard or building security.

    beside that many westeren live with their boy friends here , it is ok ,.. many buldings do not even ask for that.

  • Rashid Nasser

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    some people have tried it out in Kuwait and they got involved in endless troubles. What a boring and uncomfortable time you spend with no peace just fear of being behind bars for minutes of fun. Take it through your thick skull, it is not worth trying.

  • Melanie Hildebrandt

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  • Ahmed Anwer

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    Check Sheikha Complex, Byblos Tower, EWAN complex, all in salmiya

  • Maja Novak

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    Could you suggest me where are those kind of areas? Any in Salmiya?


  • posted by Deleted user in Kuwait forum 

    First thing..who will get a visa for you..a visiting visa should have a paper that is a proof that you are related yo the person who will get you should be family related or husband and wife. Second a hotel can arrange that they will get you visa but you need yo stay on their hotel..maybe expensive...third sneaking in a private aoartment is not a good idea..becausr some kuwaitis are aware now of what other nationaliry is doing..4th a tourist visa can not get a work here .because a tourist visa can not transfer to a working visa . Tell your bf to go to your country get married there and he can apply you visa here together with your child...illegal is very risky..

  • Ahmed Anwer

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    I think hotels don't allow that, but I'm talking about private apartments, it is definetely forbidden for arabs, but there are many buildings/complexes where they they don't mind it for westerners, and some of these buildings don't allow renting for arab nationals, only for westerners, I know what im talking about because I have some friends with the same case.

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    Thanks Ahmed. So this isn't something that is punishable? What about hotels? Was it acurrate that hotels require marriage certificates at check in?

  • Ahmed Anwer

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    No worries Aimee, many westerners sharing the accommodation here without any problem, u can live with ur boyfriend in his apartment, just consider people around u and don't get so intimate while u r in public.

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    unmarried co-habititation

    posted by  Aimee Nicole in Kuwait forum 

    Thank you for your reply. I guess this was sort of my concern....
    : (

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