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    Do you need help to come to NZ?

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    Hi Karen,

    Season Greetings

    How are you? Hope you are in great spirits. Well your subject is very interesting.

    1. For someone who is interested to move to NZ
    2. For someone who is looking for an advice
    3. For someone who is looking for a job

    Well coming to me, I am an Post graduate from Hyderabad, India. Done my MBA from Osmania University and have 12+ yrs. of exp in Consulting, Education and recruitment. I tried a lot to see if I get chance to be in NZ working and settle down, but it left me disappointed always. But as I saw you adv I thought let me try see if anything can be worked out.
    As a matter of fact I visited NZ in the year 2002-2003 and could not stay back as I had to rush back home (India) due to the sudden demise of my father and since then I am try to see if I can get back. At that time I was staying at St Lukes near Sandringham in Auckland.
    I would request if you can help me in anyway possible I would be grateful to you or if I need to do anything please let me know I am more than happy to do.

    Thanks and Look forward to your positive reply.

    You can send me email on my personal id [...].

    Best Regards

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